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12 Days of Giftmas – Day 5

We have talked about this one on the podcast a few times and highly recommend it.

You will want to give this to yourself as a gift!


12 Days of Giftmas – Day 4

Who says droids can’t cook? Not me!


Day 4 Gift idea for the baking Star Wars fan in your life.

12 Days of Giftmas – Day 3

I am thinking this will prevent coworkers from stealing your lunch… or at least will allow you jump ahead of some lines this holiday season.

12 Days of Giftmas – Day 2

Sometimes we all need recognition for our adulting! Pickup some Adult Achievement Stickers to prove you can adult with the best of them!


12 Days of Giftmas – Day 1

We have often described Riker on the podcast as a space whore. Here is the perfect shirt for the second-in-command in your life!