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Who Wore it Best - Superhero

Episode 48 – Who Wore It Best Superhero Edition

In this episode, Heather and Liz welcome back Carla for a boozylicious Who Wore It Best Superhero Edition of the show! We each made a delicious cocktail and we are going to gab a bit about superhero fashion, among other topics!!

Who Wore it Best - Superhero

Boozylicious Who Wore It Best – Superhero Edition

The Cocktails

Carla created a drink called The Jitters (after the CC Jitters character in The Flash). It consists of coffee liquor and honey-flavored vodka and can be either a shot or sipped. This one was good, and tasted a bit like a buttery nipple shot.

Liz has recycled a drink from before and renamed it (previously The Smuggler’s Delight) and now the Barry Allen. It consists of Dr. Pepper and Torched Cherry Rum. It doesn’t taste like alcohol, so drinkers beware!! It is quite delightful!

Heather’s drink is served hot and contains coffee, half an ounce of kaluha, plus vanilla vodka – this is Black Widow (aka the hot Russian).

Who Wore It Best

1. Batman – Batfleck, Bale, or Keaton?

Batman WWIB

2. Wonder Woman – TV vs Movie


3. Luke Cage – Comics vs. Marvel Netflix episode


4. The Flash – TV vs. Movie


5. Quicksilver – Avengers vs. X-Men


We also took a little time to read some Yelp reviews on Houston-area strip clubs, based on the recommendation of our friend Liz Padjen. They are delightful! If you have a little time on a Wednesday night, check out this little corner of the internet you may not have visited. BTW – all chaps are assless. Also, buying dildos in front of friends and their mothers is weird. Just sayin… Wigs are fun. Party with the gays. These are just general suggestions for life. You’re welcome! And we don’t say “tabacky” in Texas. Boots are hard to wear.

Who Wore It Best Superhero Edition

Make sure you check out Carla’s Etsy shop:


Episode 32 – Boozylicious Girl Talk

In this episode, Liz and Heather welcome back some other nerdy bitches for a boozylicious girl talk day! We have Cassie, Kitty, and Sophie in the studio with us to drink and talk what it is like to be a girl geek! This episode’s drinks are sort of Star Wars themed.

Boozylicious Girl Talk

Heather’s drink: Tatooine Sunset

  • V8 Splash
  • Cointreau
  • 2 maraschino cherries

Liz’s drink: Smuggler’s Delight

  • Dr Pepper
  • Bacardi Torched Cherry Rum

Cassie’s drink: The Dark Side

  • Orange juice or V8 Tropical
  • Vanilla vodka
  • Triple Sec
  • Black vodka

FYI – Don’t forget to turn the boot when guzzling beer a la Beerfest. Otherwise, you will get it in the face, like a bad porno.

Heather shares an article on ridiculous lies pop culture tells to women (from the Daily Dot):

  1. A makeover will change your life. We disagree, mostly. Or perhaps we agree? For that one day, until we have to recreate the look the next day. Go get a professional bra fitting. You won’t regret it once you actually wear a bra that fits.
  2. Sex is very good every time and all the time. Meh. That’s way overstating things. We don’t want to feel guilty if it isn’t great all the time.
  3. Even in a post-apocalyptic world, women’s hygiene is always on point. Yeah, right. Our hygiene isn’t on point in this PODCAST, let alone living in a tree.
  4. Money is not necessary to live a glamorous life. We don’t think you can necessarily have a social life on a minimum wage job. A glamorous life is also super subjective.
  5. A man is not interesting unless he is brooding, dark, and tortured. Way too much work to deal with a high maintenance whiny bitch like that.

Be sure to check out our next book club selection, Lamb by Christopher Moore.

A big thanks to Cassie, Kitty, and Sophie for being on the show again!



Episode 14 – Geek Cocktails

In this episode, Liz and Heather invite some friends into the studio to get Boozylicious with some amazing geek cocktails! This week, our friends Michelle and Kitty join us in celebrating some of our favorite geek movies and series with their favorite geek beverages.


This all started when we saw a YouTube video based on people trying the drinks from the Harry Potter universe, but we decided to expand on that premise. Michelle also schools us on home brewing and the dangers of drinking home beer long after it has been bottled. Heather also explains Craft Beer to those of us who don’t know what they are.

Now, for our cocktails!!

Round One:

  • Liz: Girl on Fire (from The Hunger Games) – 1.5 oz Torched Cherry Rum, 3 oz Mango Juice (OJ/Mango combo), maraschino cherry juice, and one cherry. This has been agreed upon as a breakfast drink. Or a hidden beach drink!
  • Michelle: Two variations on the Old Fashioned – Rum Old Fashioned and a Sazerac Rye. The rum version was enjoyed by all. The rye… let’s just say we were split on the enjoyment.
  • Kitty: Fizzing Whizby – sparkly! Bourbon liquor, fernet branca, tonic. We like the taste and it is pretty!
  • Heather: Sonic Screwdriver (Doctor Who) – blue curacao, vanilla vodka, Sprite. We all agreed that this was really good!! Looks like Windex, but absolutely doesn’t taste like it. (Anthropologist Michelle schools us on a tribe of blue penised men in Africa)

Round Two:

  • Liz: Butterbeer (Harry Potter) – Half root beer, half cream soda, and a shot butterscotch schnapps. Heather also made us a butterbeer cake, which was freaking awesome!
  • Michelle: Homemade Mead: This one was kind of a fail. The orange mead was described as “drinkable.” Liz described it as orange socks.
  • Kitty: Dragon’s Milk – Cinnamon cream rum with Coke. We added some Fireball to give it the perfect kick.
  • Heather: Grootbeer Float (Guardians of the Galaxy) – Rootbeer float with bourbon. Delish!!

Thank you Michelle and Kitty for joining us!! We can’t wait to have you back again!


Liz & Heather