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Episode 72 – Cards Against Humanity LIVE at Comicpalooza!

Welcome to our Cards Against Humanity LIVE at Comicpalooza episode!! We had our very own panel where we recorded with a live audience and played an awesome game and gave out maybe the best trophy in the history of the world! Take a listen to find out what happens when 15 people are given a set hand of 5 cards and have to battle it out, tournament-style to see who can win!

A special thank you to celebrity guest judge, Miss Jenny Kelley (ILoveFlavor on YouTube,owner/host of Hello Woodlands, and local cosplay guru!)!

Cards Against Humanity LIVE at Comicpalooza!

Cards Against Humanity LIVE at Comicpalooza!

A massive shout-out to the people we actually knew in the room – Jon (Dogfin Radio), Brandon (Cult 45 Movie Podcast), Erica (Dogfin Radio, formerly of Serves You Right Podcast), Mandy (CasterQuest), Rob Zipp, Jessica (colleague to Operaman and all around friend/friend of the show/former guest), Randy, and so many others!

We are so thankful that we had a packed audience at the show and that everyone was completely awesome! Thank you to everyone who attended, participated, and didn’t freak out that a 9-year old was in the room with her headphones blaring (we aren’t monsters!!)

And another thank you to Jenny (as Emma Frost)

for being amazing with Liz’s niece, Madison, who was so excited to attend her first Comicpalooza! She had a ball and loved that everyone was so complimentary of her Harley Quinn outfit!

And the winner was…

Jon from Dogfin Radio! He managed to beat out the other 14 players with the best cards, with extra points awarded for voices!

Heather picked out the BEST trophy in the history of the world, so make sure you capture that caption…


Let us know what you thought of our first LIVE episode! We are hoping to do even larger and more interactive podcasts in the future! Leave us a comment here, or give us a 5-star rating AND review on iTunes! You can also message us on Twitter (@nerdybitchespod) or e-mail us at for future show ideas, or just to tell us how much you love us!


Enjoy the show!


Episode 15 – Cards Against Humanity

CAH for NB podcastMOTHERFUCKING CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY!!! On this episode, Liz and Heather invite fellow nerdy bitches Michelle and Kitty (from our Boozylicious/Geek Cocktails episode) back into the studio to play a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity!! You DON’T want to miss a minute!

Cards Against Humanity is described as a “Party Game for Horrible People,” so you know you want to play! We are definitely going to hell in a handbasket! The game itself is very similar to Apples to Apples, yet much more adult and hilarious.

*Warning* – This is not an episode to hear with the kiddos around. It is REALLY NSFW, so remember – we warned you!

Liz explains the rules of the game for everyone, including Kitty, who was a CAH virgin before this game. We popped her cherry, though!

  • Black Cards: The judge plays a card to be answered by the white cards. These are also called Awesome Points when you win them.
  • White Cards: 10 in your hand. You pick the best option to answer the question posed on the black card.
  • The judge receives all of the cards and picks their favorite answer. Whomever the white card belongs to wins the Awesome Point.
  • The one with the most Awesome Points at the end of the game is the winner!
Random sample from the interwebs

Random sample from the interwebs


We have determined that this game counts as a ab workout if you laugh hard enough. And we do… We also decided not to let Producer Craig play because he has “too many Y-chromosones.” Apparently one is just too many 😉


Our next episode is our 2nd Book Club episode where we review the Divergent series by Divergent-series-by-Veronica-RothVeronica Roth. This episode will cover all three books in the series and will, of course, have major spoilers! Make sure you have read the books or that you don’t want to read them before listening!! We may or may not rip this series a new asshole! Be sure to tune in to find out all the bitchiness.


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