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A Very Merry Chris-mas

Episode 110 – A Very Merry CHRIS-mas!

A Very Merry Chris-mas

Have yourself A Very Merry CHRIS-mas as Liz and Heather sit down to discuss favorite actors named Chris in movies (and some TV!). The main list focuses on the BIG FOUR – Pine, Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt, but we will also open up the Listener’s Corner to get some input from our fans!

HTown Podfest

Liz and OperaMan were able to attend the first annual HTown Podfest with other local podcasters and fans out at Houston’s Bar Boheme on November 17th! They had an awesome time getting to know new shows and catch up with old friends!

A Very Merry CHRIS-mas

The ladies go through the BIG FOUR Chrises and talk about each in turn, including our first/favorite roles, and how they stack up against each other. After a good discussion, each gives the verdict on their very favorite Chris.


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Listener’s Corner

Check out the awesome list of Chrises provided by our friends and listeners who really thought outside of the box and brought in some great options! Thanks to Stork (Besotted Geek Podcast), Seale, Brent (Home Video Hustle), Steve (Everything I Learned From Movies), Bryan (Bry-Fy Podcast), Randy (Cult 45 Podcast), KT, Kitty, Mrs.VanBam, Verbal Diorama Podcast, State Your Take Podcast, Walker the Geek, and Feminine Mistake Podcast for your submissions!


From Liz: Go check out the movie Christopher Robin with Ewan McGregor!

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A Very Nerdy Christmas

Episode 59 – A Very Nerdy Christmas

In this episode, Heather and Liz wish everyone a very nerdy Christmas (and every other holiday). So, here is our obligatory holiday episode. Warning – DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODES WITH KIDS IN THE ROOM!! You shouldn’t anyway, but definitely not this one!

A Very Nerdy Christmas

The story of the vibrator finally comes to light, so make sure you listen in to that one.

A Very Nerdy Christmas

Don’t forget to go see Producer Craig at Marvelous Nerd Year’s Eve with Stan Lee in Dallas December 29 – Jan 1. Go to and use coupon code craigprice for $50 off a 4-day pass.

Traditions – Christmas Movies
  • The Santa Clause (Tim Allen)
  • Elf
  • Die Hard (debatable, yo)
  • Harry Potter movies
Traditions – Holiday Foods

FYI – There are NO calories on Christmas. So eat your ass off and don’t worry.

  • Ham – Will feed you for-ever.
  • BBQ
  • Roast
  • Chicken Fried Steak (Hey, it’s Texas, y’all)
  • Tamales
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Desserts
Traditions – Holiday Music

Hello, Sunny 99.1 who starts playing exclusively Christmas music the week of Thanksgiving through the end of the year. Drinking games revolving around Christmas music in the car are not advisable by Nerdy Bitches Podcast. We will not be responsible for your DUI.

  • Holly Jolly Christmas
  • Trans Siberian Orchestra – Carol of the Bells
  • Jingle Bell Rock
  • Old-School Christmas CDs from the 90s, including A Very Special Christmas
Traditions – Gift Giving Tips

Warnings for new couples – don’t give your SO something sexual, trips, hotels, etc. It’s awkward. Lingerie is NOT a gift for a woman…everyone knows its for you. Your dick is NOT a gift. The naughty should only be a part of something bigger. So, think ahead and try not to run someone off by being a weirdo.

  • Gift cards
  • Stocking stuffers (Candy, little special things, As Seen on TV things, etc.)
  • For friends in small homes/apartments – unitaskers take up too much room. Be mindful of their space issues.
  • Amazon Wish Lists are awesome. If you don’t have one, get one. It makes things much easier for those people who want to get you a gift.
What the Fuck is an Elf on the Shelf??

Santa sends the elf Thanksgiving night to spy on the children and report back each night to Santa on whether or not they are being naughty or nice. Some elves are more naught and mischievous than others. We are perplexed by this whole business.

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Fuck you to the “War on Christmas”

Rant, rant, rant. Stop being dicks. Just be nice to people for fuck’s sake!


Episode 27 – Holiday Gift Guide

In the Holiday Gift Guide episode, Liz and Heather talk about some awesome gifts to give to the geek/nerd in your life.

Nerdy Bitches Holiday Gift Guide

A big congrats to Liz’s sister on the birth of the newest little nerdy bitch, Miss Olivia! She’s super cute!

It’s hard to buy gifts for geeks, if you are an outsider. Even if you are outside of someone’s specific geek genre, it can be a chore. In this episode, we talk about some good guidelines for buying for others without looking like a tool.

Think Geek is an awesome place to start. They have a fantastic gift giving guide for the holidays, and the “Gifts for Her” isn’t stupid condescending like other lists we have seen.


  • Look into the fandoms that your geek likes and make sure you get the right one. (Star Trek vs. Star Wars – Do not mix these up)
  • Be aware that gaming gifts can be tricky – they may not have the same console, or they may have already bought the latest and greatest. Perhaps a gift card towards a game is a better plan.
  • Create a wish list with a lot of stuff on it in various price ranges. Too few things on the wishlist basically ruins the surprise of what people buy for you.
  • Order EARLY – Things are often sold out or slow to ship or can be confused with the wrong order, and by the time you realize it is wrong, the thing you want may be sold out.
  • Pay attention to the hints they are dropping – or flat out telling you what they want.
  • DO NOT fall for the “I don’t want a gift” line if you are dating. It will go badly for you.
  • DO NOT buy clothes. You will never get it right. Unless you are my mom.
  • Be careful with jewelry. Rings have sizes, but so do necklaces. Cuff bracelets and long necklaces are usually safe.
  • Don’t buy slippers. We don’t want them. No one wants them. Unless they are the Monty Python Bunny Slippers. (You also cannot wear slippers with dogs – FYI) feet2 063edited
  • DO NOT buy a lady any sort of kitchen appliance, apron, or vacuum. Even if they are really cool – don’t fall for it. There is still deep seeded resentment on the feeling that we are supposed to be cleaning. Merry Go Fuck Yourself

Specific examples of holiday gift ideas:

  • Death Star Waffle Iron
  • USB Car Chargers (Flux Capacitor, R2D2, etc)
  • D20 Mug and Death Star Tea Infuser
  • Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace
  • Check out Etsy for handmade gifts – Search for geeky gifts. My favorite is my Pixel People cross-stitch pattern maker where I got my Golden Girls and Star Wars patterns.


  • Liz: Furiously Happy (Book) by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) – Super funny look at life with mental illness
  • Heather: Producer Craig’s 2016 Zoo Calendar – buy a bunch of these and give as gifts.

Bitch of the Week (Liz): White Elephant Gift Exchanges – I keep getting screwed, so I refuse to participate anymore. Bah Humbug.

Check out some of our fun holiday gift ideas on our Pinterest and at our Store.