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Episode 1 – Introduction to the Nerdy Bitches Podcast

Nerdy Bitches Podcast

Nerdy Bitches Logo Created by Heather

Welcome to the Nerdy Bitches podcast!

In this introduction episode, Liz and Heather discuss all manner of nerdy topics, including Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and more! Liz is the owner and blogger at Self Saving Princess, and Heather, in her words, is just your average Nerdy Bitch. The bitches recall their indoctrinations into nerd culture, and discuss some of their favorite things.

When searching for female-hosted nerdy podcasts, we found the genre was a “sausage fest”, and any podcasts run by chicks were either solely dedicated to one nerd topic, or were the kinds of female-related issues you don’t really want to listen to–A podcast with wings!

We are also taking back the word “Bitch,” so deal with it. We discuss what that means in regards to women who are willing to speak their minds versus terms given to their male counterparts.

This episode introduces the kinds of topics we enjoy, our weekly Bitch of the Week, random internet comments taken out of context, and each bitch’s recommendations.

Our first Bitch of the Week – Fucking Hipsters! (Adjective, not verb – we never condone sleeping with hipsters!) Stupid nerd-posers who wear their geeky glasses (with or without lenses) and beanie hats, and ruin Geekdom for the rest of us.


  • From Heather: Snowpiercer (movie), available on Netflix
  • From Liz: The IT Crowd (BBC series), available on Netflix

Explicit language is to be expected – but it is all in good fun!

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