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Trashy to Classy

Episode 114 – Trashy to Classy

In this episode, Heather and Liz look take a look at Trashy to Classy. We review trends that were previously seen a low-class, but are now common and popular. Strap in and see if yours makes our list!

Trashy to Classy

Trashy to Classy

Heather found an excellent article from Cheeseburger.com that was obtained from the geniuses at Reddit to talk about things that are classy now, but used to be trashy. Nerdy Bitches has NOT independently verified this information, but who freaking cares? Some thing are really old (like now only the rich have horses and everyone has cars, but back in the day, that was reversed).

  • Horses vs. Cars?
  • Tiny Houses?
  • Living on the top floor?
  • And SO many more!


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