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Wonder Women

Episode 75 – Wonder Women

In this episode, Liz and Heather, along with guest Kim Gordon, talk all about Wonder Women – not just the movie, but also the world of women directors and what we hope for the future! We give a few shout-outs right up front to the people who interacted with our Facebook page on the Name This Movie (with the wrong name) post.

Wonder Women

Wonder Women

We aren’t talking about the movie itself, but more about female directors, what this movie means for the industry going forward, and how the movie compared to the two DC movies that were released in 2016.

Costume-wise, we really liked what they did with Wonder Woman in that her armor is fairly realistic and could actually be fought in. She has flat shoes, leather shin guards that go over the knees and are bendable, etc. Her midriff isn’t hanging out, and it isn’t basically satin lingerie like Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman. The attention to detail was spot on! She wasn’t over-sexualized, and that is refreshing.

Rotten Tomatoes ratings on the recent D.C. Movies

  • Batman V. Superman: 27% (critics)
  • Suicide Squad: 25% (critics)
  • Wonder Woman: 92% (critics) [BOOM]

BTW – Dick Smackers is like the worst lip gloss flavor ever.

Female Directors

One of the biggest problems is that when we sit down and try to think of female directors, we could each come up with maybe four, and several of those we can’t even think of their names, we just know the movie. This is a serious problem, especially when one of the biggest female director in the industry can’t be mentioned without saying “ex-wife of James Cameron.” And if a female had two shit movies in a row, you would NEVER hear from them again. Unlike Zac Snyder and is shitstorm of crap movies getting one of the biggest franchises out there.

Here is the clip that Liz was talking about from Patton Oswalt’s Talking for Clapping standup


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Robots and cyborgs and droids oh my

Episode 67 – Robots and Cyborgs and Droids, Oh My!!

Robots and Cyborgs and Droids Oh My!! In this episode, Heather and Liz discuss their favorite near-human companions throughout sci-fi and fantasy! Join us as we hit our favorites throughout our favorite fandoms.

Robots and cyborgs and droids oh my

Robots and Cyborgs and Droids, Oh My!!

This may be our most mansplained episode ever, so we will see how that goes along. A robot is a machine that does the job of a human. An android is a robot is generally made to look like a human. Cyborgs have organic material mixed with mechanical stuff.

[We are not talking bout Roombas and robot maids and sex bots, though we do actually talk about a few of those things. Vacuums totally blow, by the way.]

We took a quiz to see which Star Wars droids we are. Liz got K-2SO and Heather got BB-8. We would like to see a buddy movie made with those two, so someone get on that! We go on a bit of a tangent regarding introverts vs. extroverts. Shout out to our new friends at Serves You Right podcast!

The Star Wars universe is chock full of droids, and these are mostly our favorites. C-3PO, R2-D2, BB-8, K-2SO.

We also went through literature, music, film, and TV.


  • Mr. Roboto by Styx


  • Tik Tok from Return to Oz (1907)
  • Marvin the Paranoid Android (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)


  • Ash (Alien) / Bishop (Aliens)
  • Boobo – Clash of the Titans
  • T-800 from Terminator
  • Beta (Alex Rogan replacement) from The Last Starfighter
  • Ralph and Max Flight of the Navigator
  • Johnny 5 – Short Circuit
  • Robocop
  • The Fixits – Batteries Not Included
  • Dot Matrix – Spaceballs
  • Fembots – Austin Powers
  • Battle droids  – Star Wars Clone Wars
  • Toy Santa – The Santa Clause 2
  • B-4 (Data’s brother) – Star Trek
  • Transformers: The Movie
  • Wall-E et. al.
  • Ultron and Vision – Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • BB-8, K-2SO
  • Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story


  • Transformers (especially Optimus Prime and Bumblebee)
  • Voltron (new and old)
  • Rosie the Maid – The Jetsons
  • Cybermen, K-9, Daleks – Doctor Who
  • Data, Lor, and Lal – Star Trek: TNG
  • Cylons – Battlestar Galactica
  • Kitt – Knight Rider
  • Bender – Futurama
  • Small Wonder – robot kid
  • My Electric Grandmother

Robots and Cyborgs and Droids, Oh My!!


Get Felicia Day on the show!!



Time Travel

Episode 62 – Time Travel

In this episode, Heather and Liz talk time travel in entertainment (but not real science, so don’t tell us we don’t know science – because we already know that).

Time Travel

Time Travel

We are discussing time travel in TV and movies. Since we don’t have Dr. Neil Degrass Tyson on the show (but we would LOVE to), we won’t be talking the actual physics/science behind the potential for time travel, or even things like wormholes. We are sticking to what we can Google and what we can see in entertainment.

Time Travel Theories
  1. Fixed timeline – Single fixed history which is unchangeable. Whatever you go back and try to change will be what created it in the first place. Examples: 12 Monkeys and Donnie Darko.
  2. Dynamic timeline – Very small change in the past has a huge impact on the future (Butterfly effect or chaos theory). Example: Back to the Future. Paradox: Grandfather paradox – If you go back in time and kill your grandfather and thus you should never be born, but the fact that YOU went back in time means that you existed and the grandpa can’t be killed.
  3. Multi-verse – Every change you make creates a new timeline. Example: Doctor Who, The Flash
  4. Trapped in time – Time is paused and they will rejoin the timeline. Example: Jumanji, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me; Planet of the Apes (1968).

Bootstrap Paradox: occurs when an object or piece of information sent back in time becomes trapped within an infinite cause-effect loop in which the item no longer has a discernible point of origin, and is said to be “uncaused” or “self-created”.

Wormhole – Often used as a method for time travel

Time Travel – in TV

  • Doctor Who
  • Quantum Leap
  • Legends of Tomorrow
  • Agents of Shield (ish)
  • Continum

Time Travel – in Movies

  • Back to the Future
  • Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • Groundhog Day*
  • Interstellar
  • Terminator
  • Time Bandits
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  • Butterfly Effect
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • X-Men Days of Future Past
  • Flight of the Navigator
  • 13 Going on 30

Other Segments – Bitch of the Week, Things We Don’t Get, and Out-of-Context Internet Comments


Episode 13 – Guilty Pleasures

Guilty PleasureWelcome to Episode 13 – Guilty Pleasures! This episode, Liz and Heather talk about their favorite guilty pleasures and what makes them guilty. Could it be social acceptability of age-related interests? Am I too old to do these things?

What makes it guilty?

  • Food – It isn’t good for you or is deemed “lower quality”. Shut up. We like corn dogs.
  • Social – Smoking. Man, the looks you get when you are a smoker. The worst are former smokers!! It is not your place to be healthy on my behalf. Imposing your views on someone else is not ok. And the breastfeeding/formula debate? Just feed your kid!

Why do people try to make us feel guilty? Or are they trying to make us guilty or is that our own internal dialog? Heather thinks that people don’t give a shit (too busy with their own stuff) and Liz thinks they do, because it gives them the ability to feel better about their own stuff.

Monster Truck Shows, Bouncy Castles

Our Guilty Pleasures:

  • Liz – Coloring books. LOVE them. I can’t draw to save my ass, so this is a great way for me to get out my creative expression. Recent coloring books: Unicorns are Jerks, Mer-World Problems, and Dinosaurs with Jobs (available on Amazon). Unicorns are Jerks
  • Heather – Roller Derby – taking a class on how to play roller derby. A lot of fun and a lot of learning (especially how to fall). This is a young gals game, but I’m still having a lot of fun. derby

Food is a huge pleasure – guilty or not. Wavy Lays, a whole box of Twinkies, Little Debbie snack cakes. Easy Cheese (spray cheese) – delicious. Ranch dressing – it is the universal condiment…it goes on anything!! 2,000 calorie salads? Yes, please. Miracle Whip vs. Mayo.

TV – Glee; MASH; Cosby Show; Frasier – Now we can get sucked in to binge watching our favorite guilty pleasure shows, thanks to Netflix.

Books – Crappy romance novels (Twilight), kids books (Ramona the Pest), chick-lit/girl porn, Sookie Stackhouse books, Shopaholic series, Young Adult (YA) novels – And WE LOVE E-READERS!! They are the best thing in the world for hiding the fact that you are reading something trashy.

Movies – Shawshank Redemption (is it guilty or just good??); Bad network tv movies – Cobra; Eraser, Commando, Predator, The Running Man (These are basically the exact same movie – trust me). FYI – Rae Dawn Chong is actually the daughter of Tommy Chong.

Food Porn – Pinterest, Instagram, Food Network

Stalking People You Hate on the Internet – Former flames, people we hated forever, etc. It’s addicting to see how people are crashing and burning on social media.


Bitch of the Week: Schizophrenic Social Media – That super religious person on Sunday, but back to being a psychotic bitch on Monday. We also feel that God would be upset with making assumptions on his behalf (telling other people that God hates them for whatever).



  • Heather: Marian Keyes (Books) (Check Here)
  • Liz: The Marriage Series by Jennifer Probst – Chick-lit / Girl porn – well written, not overt or disgusting. It’s a four book series, so start with the first one, as they build on each other.

Out of Context Internet Comment

Twilight – A girl’s choice between necrophilia and bestiality.

Reminder about our next book club choice – The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth (Episode 16). Be sure to read all three books, as there WILL be spoilers! Big ones!!

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