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Fan Fiction

Episode 102 – Fan Fiction

In this episode, Heather is out on assignment, enjoying all of the awesome things California fan conventions offer, so Liz was joined by special guest host Mandy to read some erotic fan fiction! Mandy is the host of CasterQuest, an awesome podcast that covers Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles, Game of Thrones, and does an annual 4th of July fan fiction episode!! We decided to take the plunge into this entertaining and disturbing world!

Trigger Warning: This episode contains erotica and some disturbing mental imagery and is 100% not safe for work or children. You have been warned…

Fan Fiction


Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: None of the stories included belong to us, thankfully. We are also not shaming anyone for what they write. Please continue with your amazing stories! We will do our very best to let you know where you can find these gems for yourself! Most of our stories came from FanFiction.net, fyi. Please also note we are day drinking throughout this episode. Sometimes straight from the bottle.

Fan Fiction

Time Stamps:

9:47: Frosted Tips by Lana in Macondo: Erotic, disturbing. This story features Ted Cruz and Guy Fieri heading on over to FlavorTown. (https://lanamacondo.tumblr.com/post/144719920453/frosted-tips)

17:51: Famous Last Words by madame.alexandra: Humor, erotic-light. This story features Han and Leia, some time after A New Hope. (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12959549/1/Famous-Last-Words)

24:27: RoadKill by Piper Julian: Humor, death. This story recounts the final showdown between Harry Potter, Voldemort, and an unlikely ally! (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5251386/1/Roadkill)

33:53: Promo: CasterQuest (duh!)

CasterQuest logo

35:42: You Can’t Do That With The Force!! by Dark Poltergeist: Seriously erotic; excerpt. This story features Han and Leia at a party, and a pretty stupid, farm-boy Luke. (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12832158/1/You-Can-t-Do-That-With-The-Force)

56:02: Nerdy Bitches Patreon Promo

56:47: Don’t Worry, Frodo. We’ll Get the Chance by Twisted Angel 08. Seriously erotic, hobbit-on-hobbit action. In this story, we are actually only covering Chapter 2: A Mouthful of Frodo. You can read the entire story at the link below. We also end up bringing OperaMan in for part of this story, just so we can watch his face while we read. It was well worth it. (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8758740/2/Don-t-Worry-Frodo-We-ll-Get-The-Chance)


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Episode 5 – Books to Movies

Books to Movies

Books to Movies

In Episode 5, the Bitches talk Books to Movies! We discuss our favorite book-to-movie conversions, and in some cases, movie-to-book!

Our biggest pet peeve is when our favorite book is destroyed when converted to the movie. We talk about some of our favorite books that went on to be fantastic movies:


  • Harry Potter (series)
  • Hunger Games (series)
  • Jurassic Park (just the first one)

…and some that were not as successful (Twilight, Beautiful Creatures, Lost World, etc.).  We even talk about a movie that launched a huge series of books – I’m talking to you, Star Wars!!

Here’s how adaptation works – almost everything in the movie is in the book in some form. But it’s as though the deck has been completely reshuffled and some of the cards have been assigned different values; some of the fours have been made into jacks, and some of the jacks have been made into twos. – Walter Kirn

Whether you love the book or love the movie (or both!!), don’t be a hater on what others enjoy. Can’t we nerds all just get along?? There are enough bullies in this world without turning on each other!

Have you ever noticed that a banned book is even MORE interesting than before it was banned?

Grab a bowl of popcorn and listen to us banter about our favorite books and the movies that we either loved or hated.

Bitch of the Week – People who don’t read at all, or who bully/shame people who do. What gives? Read a freaking book and stop bashing others for what they like to read!!

You can’t miss next episode!! It’s finally time for STAR WARS vs. STAR TREK… ooooh!

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