Batman – The Dark Knight Movie Series

In episode 125, we wrap up Batmonth – we end it on top with Batman done right! Christopher Nolan makes an as-close-to-perfect Batman series as we can ever hope to get (ok ok Heather is obviously the one writing this post – it doesn’t make it less true).

There are some spoilers in this episode, but hey… we all know the origin story of Batman (and most of the villains) by now right?

We talk about the actors playing the key roles, and how well (or not) they played each character.

It was evident that this series was a complete turnaround from the previous Tim Burton/
Joel Schumacher series (although we did miss the gratuitous butt/crotch shots when suiting up). Listen in as we talk (well Heather gushes, and Liz talks) about Nolan’s vision and the DC legacy.

Comicpalooza 2019

Another reminder that we will be at Comicpalooza May 10-12 at the George R. Brown convention center in Houston Texas. We have 3 official panels planned, so stop by and see us.

Friday, May 10th : 6:30 PM Podcasting for Geeks

Saturday, May 11th: Podcasting 102 – Growing your show

Sunday, May 11th: 8:30 PM aka Party Time! our 3rd Annual LIVE podcast with Cards Against Humanity! Players will be ON-THE-PODCAST!

Also, to prepare for literary guest Timothy Zahn, we will be reading Thrawn:Alliances at our next book club (next week).


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