Episode 113 – Geek Myths vs. Realities

In this episode, Liz and Heather sit down to discuss 4 Geek Myths vs. Realities. We are also celebrating our show’s four year anniversary!! We talk about our most popular shows to date, along with some interesting tidbits about social media. Then we break into our topic for today’s show, talking about geek stereotypes—which ones work and which don’t.

Geek Myths vs. Realities


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4 Years of Nerdy Bitches

In January 2015, we launched our shiny new podcast with the first four episodes. Now, 4 years and 113 episodes later, we have had so much fun and are excited for the future of Nerdy Bitches! We also hit 4,000 Twitter followers just in time for our 4 year anniversary!

Top 3 Downloaded Shows

3. Gilmore Girls Revival

1. Top Ten Parody Movies (tied)

1. Dungeons & Dragons Introduction (tied)

Geek Myths vs. Realities

We found an article from 2015 on the top 4 geek myths versus their realities and wanted to talk about and bust these stereotypes, where we could. The article, “Four Common Geek Stereotypes: Myths and Realities” was found HERE. So, strap in and enjoy!

Myth #4: Geeks are super smart, but have no common sense.

Myth #3: Geeks have no social skills.

Myth #2: Geeks are always unattractive and un-atheletic.

Myth #1: Geek culture is sexist.

Let us know if you agree with our discussion and if you can think of more geek stereotypes for us to discuss!



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Next Book Club Episode – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Make sure you read (or re-read!) the third book in our Harry Potter re-read. We will have a special guest on the episode to discuss the book! Who will it be?? Only time will tell…

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