Episode 116 – Worst Advice EVER

In this episode, Heather and Liz pick apart the WORST ADVICE EVER given (commonly!) to the people of the interwebs, our lovely listeners, and ourselves. Send us a note after the episode to let us know YOUR worst advice ever received!

Worst Advice EVER

Worst Advice EVER

This week, we dig into an article written by a dude examining a tweet written by a woman, and we take it even further. We also asked our awesome followers on social media to chime in with the worst advice they have ever been given… and how common these little tidbits are in our everyday lives. Have you heard any of the following?

  • Natural childbirth is the best!
  • You should have kids for the tax write off!
  • Just be yourself!! (Seriously… don’t.)
  • It’s always in the last place you look!
  • Just think positively!!
  • It’s natural, so it MUST be good for you!


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