Episode 21 – 2015 Movies Part 2

Movies - 2015This episode is 2015 Movies Part 2; Liz and Heather talk about the remaining movies from September to December this year.


  • Very few great movies were/are scheduled in September.


  • Pan
  • Jem and the Holograms – SO disappointing that they are changing the story completely


  • The new James Bond movie (Specter)
  • The Peanuts Movie
  • The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2


  • STAR WARS: The Force Awakens – *squeeeeee*
  • Point Break – remake. Why?

Bitch of the Week – Why must we remake everything?? Jem? Point Break? Please stop.


Recap – the movies were awesome this year! Unless they weren’t.


  • Heather – Goggles4u.com – If you have your prescription, you can go online and order low-cost glasses where you can have multiple pairs of glasses laying around, if you are a bespectacled Nerdy Bitch like us.
  • Liz – Lego Jurassic World – This game is so much fun to play! I am playing through Steam, since they no longer make these games for the original Wii and I am not about to buy a new system. It is really geared towards kids, so they don’t really show anyone getting killed. It covers all four Jurassic Park movies and includes actual dialog from the movies.

Real Bitch of the Week – iPhone photographers – you are NOT a professional photographer. Just because you have a nice camera or a high quality phone camera does not mean you can replace the professional who WAS actually hired to shoot the wedding. Get out of the way. If you WANT to do it, learn to do it and do it! Just stop making life harder for those of us who have already done that.

Announcement: We DO now have our very own Nerdy Bitches store! Go check it out at zazzle.com/nerdybitchespodcast – Please note to see the good stuff, you MUST have the site’s content filter turned to OFF. Apparently, the word “bitches” is seen as “offensive” to some. This is also a good place to note that we have heard this and have created a mostly-appropriate line of Nerdy Bitches wear for infants and children that probably won’t get them thrown out of daycare. Mostly. Because who doesn’t want their baby wearing this?


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