Episode 34 – Cosplay

In this episode, Liz and Heather branch out to explore the world of Cosplay with our friends, Lanie and Jessica, who love to play dress up and do cosplay at different conventions, etc. Neither Heather not Liz participate in cosplay, so we wanted to start in 2016 exploring other areas of Geekery!

Nerdy Bitches Cosplay designed by Heather

Lanie and Jessica explain to us the reason why they enjoy dressing up in costumes (both have a musical theater background) and what it takes to get into something like this, both financially and time-wise. We talk about their favorite parts of the processes and where they go with this. PS – Apparently, JoAnn’s Fabrics is the place to be, and there should also be a bar there. Remember this idea for a future business empire.

Lanie hates the process of putting things together – it is a means to an end. Jessica loves sewing and putting them together. Both gals love wearing “secret” costumes – things that are a nod to their fandom, without blatantly stating it. Lanie also does “adulting costumes” when she wears work clothes.

Heather and Liz may need to consider this, but will probably need someone with some mad sewing skillz, since I don’t think we have any. Skills, that is.


  • Jessica: Dalek and River Song
  • Lanie: Gaige (Borderlands 2) and Codex (The Guild) and Khalessi (Game of Thrones)

Jessica’s favorites:

Jessica as River Song Jessica as Dalek

Lanie’s favorites:

Lanie as Gaige Lanie as Codex

Liz’s closest attempt at cosplay – Beth Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife)











Heather’s LoveBug with Producer Craig as Indiana Jones:


Follow us in the next episode where Jessica and Lanie join us again for a long talk about our Geek Crushes!! Also, be prepared in a couple of weeks for our next Book Club – Lamb by Christopher Moore.

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ALSO – if you want costume help or to commission a costume, contact Jess at jessica.s.richards@gmail.com – She will let you know whether or not she can help and what she charges. Don’t be a dick and ask for shit for free, yo! 🙂

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