Episode 44 – Liz Padjen

In this episode, Heather and Liz welcome Houston comedienne Liz Padjen to the studio for the first time. Heather met (other) Liz at Comicpalooza a few weeks ago. We talk all about being a comic, a geek, and a female in a male-dominated world of comedy (especially in Houston). Her new tagline: She’s classy as fuck!

Liz Padjen

(Other) Liz tells us all about her sketch comedy group (This Time On) on public access and can also be found on YouTube, and you should totally watch her Golden Girls tribute, Thank You For Being a Thug. Nerdy Bitch Liz is a HUGE Golden Girls fan, so this is perfection!

Seriously. This entire episode is us laughing…a lot.

We talk all about horseback riding, broken grandma’s, being from Utah (and not), finding your face on a stranger’s wall,┬ápodcasts and porn stars, penises, glove fetishes, strip clubs, oh my!

This may be the funniest show we have ever recorded. We now want to go to a strip club with other Liz’s sister. New trend: reading Yelp reviews for strip clubs.

You can find Liz on her Facebook page. Definitely go check out her act and her YouTube channel.

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