Episode 47 – 1980s Movie Graveyard Crossover

In this episode, Liz and Heather team up with The Goat from 1980s Movie Graveyard (podcast) to do a crossover movie commentary on 1985’s Commando!

1980s Movie Graveyard Crossover

Commentary commences…

This is a different format for us, as we usually talk about movies after we have seen them, but in this episode, we are watching the movie with The Goat and talking about it at the same time. Commando is a quintessential 80s action movie staring Arnold Schwarzenegger released in 1985.

The premise of this movie is that Arnold (John Matrix) is a retired army specialist and he is basically in witness protection, along with the rest of his team. Someone starts taking out his team in order to flush him out of hiding to get him to help overthrow a government in a third world country. In order to get him to comply, they kidnap his daughter played by Alyssa Milano. This was a serious action movie at the time, but listen as we rip it to shreds (and love every minute of it).

One Arnold makes it through the plane in record time, we get to watch him race across town after kidnapping flight attendant Cindy (Rae Dawn Chong) and somehow convincing her that he isn’t a total psychopath. Death puns commence. The total death count of this movie is 88 (81 are Arnold kills).

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Check out our friends at the 1980s Movie Graveyard for their awesome commentaries on different movies! We missed getting to talk with our friend CoreyG, so hopefully we will be able to do another crossover and talk with him too! You can find them on Twitter too (@80sMveGraveyard).

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