Police Academy (1984)

Police Academy (1984)

It’s finally GUTEtember… er… GUTEtober? Due to life and whatnot, our month-long love affair with Steve Guttenberg movies was delayed from September to October, but it’s finally here! We are celebrating Liz’s birthday with an entire month dedicated to unexpected 80s dreamboat, THE GUTE!! Week 1 kicks off with an absolute classic, 1984’s Police Academy! But wait… there’s more! We aren’t alone in our love of all things Guttenberg! We are joined for this first episode with none other than the infamous and much loved Steve and Izzy from Everything I Learned From Movies!

The GUTE love all began a few years ago when Liz joined Stizzy for Zeus & Roxanne and we realized that he’s kind of a hunk! We followed up with them last year with The Man Who Wasn’t There, in which we got to see THE FULL GUTE! Go check out those episodes on their podcast on your favorite podcast app.

In this delightful, if incredibly problematic follows a class of cadets through the police academy, led by kindly adopted father to Punky Brewster, Henry Warnamont,,, uh, Comadant Lassard… and the much less delightful Captain Harris, as one tries to see the best in everything and a random fish, and the other has his head up a horse’s ass…literally. We follow The GUTE as loveable scamp Mahoney, along with Jones, Tackleberry, Hightower, Hooks, Callahan, and more. Does it hold up? Let’s find out!

Make sure to tune in for the rest of our GUTEtastic lineup coming to you soon!

Week 2: Short Circuit

Week 3: Three Men and a Baby

Week 4: It Takes Two


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