The Women of Villainy

The Women of Villainy

In episode 133, we introduce a new series called ‘The Women of…’ where we look at different genres, fandoms, and areas, to explore the women in them. A randomizer picked ‘Villainy’ out of all of our potential topics, and Heather and Liz had much to say. In fact, we determined that all female villains fall into 1 of 2 categories:

  • Evil Through and Through with no redeemable qualities
  • Justifiably homicidal, she has reason to be why she is the way she is.

So as we explored each villain, we judged them as being ‘Justifiable’ or ‘Pure Evil’. There is a villain that Liz considered so irredeemable she dropped the c-word numerous times to describe her. Curious? Listen in.

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  1. Janet
    June 26, 2019

    You guys said it’s a good thing there are more “justifiable” female villains. However, there are some feminists like the Women at Warp podcast who think there should be more female characters who are likable without any explanation. While one-dimensional characters have their place, I don’t think it should become a trend. What would you say to feminists who want to see more unlikable women in fiction?

    • ElizabethBlessitt
      June 27, 2019

      I can see where they are coming from. We believe that women in general have mostly been written as simple, one-dimensional characters, and that makes for one-dimensional villains. Writing more layered women will naturally lead to more layered (and justified) villains. Heather mentions that she wants to see more women who are just nuts from the get-go, rather than having “snapped” at some point. We need more honest representation, regardless of their good/evil nature. When we write women better, we will find that the lines are usually not so cut and dry. Much like real life… we are all shades of gray when it comes to our moral compass. Thanks for listening and commenting!!

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