TV Nostalgia: The 1980s (Part 1)

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TV Nostalgia: the 1980’s – Part 1

In Episode 136 Liz and Heather talk about our new ‘Nostalgia’ series. This week, we take on Television from the 1980’s! There is just too much to talk about, so we broke this into Part 1 and focused on Theme Songs and Saturday Morning cartoons from the 1980’s.

Play along with Liz’s version of ‘Catchphrase’ where she lists famous sitcom quotes and Heather takes a stab at guessing them. Cowabunga Dude!

Of course you can’t talk about Children’s programming without the discussion of Punky Brewster and her need to increase her bust – one of your cohosts actually bought the same Punky Brewster bust enhancing contraption. Listen in to find out who.

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