Adulting – The Holiday Edition

Adulting – The Holiday Edition

In episode 153, Liz and Heather sit down and provide a Master’s Class in Adulting – The Holiday Edition. Way back in episode 50, we talked about Adulting (Click here to listen), so we wanted to pick that up and run with tip and tricks for making it through the holiday season as an adult.

We also took to Twitter to find out our listeners’ FAVORITE and LEAST FAVORITE things about the holidays as an adult, versus when they were kids. We appreciate everyone who contributed!


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One Comment

  1. Janet
    December 21, 2019

    Now that you mentioned women being more socialized to care about organizing the holidays (especially the tree), this makes me wonder how interior decorating in general got coded as feminine. While some of my roommates spent a lot of money on posters for their dorms, I never understood the point of decorating a space you won’t stay in forever. I hate the sitcom cliche of the plain old man cave that later turns beautiful because of a “woman’s touch.” The fact that most male interior designers I know are gay also reinforces the stereotype of decoration as feminine.

    That said, the people who are most gung ho about decorating both the inside and outside of their house tend to be men (at least in fiction). Clark Griswold dragged his family to get the “perfect” tree while they didn’t care.

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