And Another thing (Vol. 1)

In this week’s episode (Episode 121), Liz and Heather pull back the curtain on the podcast to talk about some of the things that we have missed or forgotten on previous episodes… And Another Thing! Starting with our most recent episode of Captain Marvel (120), where we completely forgot to mention the late great Stan Lee and the cameo and Marvel memorial logo. We go on to mention some episodes we lost completely, and what we will be doing in the coming months!

And Another Thing…

  • We completely forgot to mention when John Hurt died. Sadness.
  • We forgot (even though we planned to talk about it) to mention the latest Stan Lee cameo from Captain Marvel, along with the tear-jerking memorial logo at the beginning of the movie. So many feels!! (Rest in Peace, Stan!! EXCELSIOR!)
  • Lost episode #1 – Batman vs. Superman: Extended Cut
  • Lost episode # 2 – Justice League (fuck off, Zac Snyder)
  • Lost episode #3 – Independence Day (we did record this one…)


Coming Soon…

Theme Months!!

We decided that we want to start doing some theme months throughout the year, so we decided to do them in April (Heather’s Birthday) and September (Liz’s Birthday)! Our first theme month starts next week and will be BATMONTH!! During this month, we will be covering all genres of Batman for our awesome listeners.

  • Week 1: Batman: The Animated Series – FOCUS; Mask of the Phantasm
  • Week 2: The Tim Burton Batman movies (starting with Batman [1989])
  • Week 3: Comics: Batman: Hush series
  • Week 4: The Christopher Nolan Batman movies (with focus on The Dark Knight)

Our Next Book Club Selection (Coming in early May)

The next book that we will be covering will be Thrawn: Alliances by Timothy Zahn. This is the second canon Star Wars book for the Thrawn character (highly recommend you read the first book too! You can hear our book club on that one HERE.) We definitely recommend listening to the audiobook if you can find it on Audible or on Amazon, or wherever you find your awesome books! (Click here for our affiliate link to purchase via Amazon: )

Comicpalooza 2019 – May 10 – 12 at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center

For the fourth year in a row, we have been selected to be part of the Podcast Partnership Program!! We are super excited to be there again, sitting on panels, and bringing you all the best from Houston’s BEST geeky convention!! More news coming soon, but make sure you get your tickets to come out and see us ASAP!!

Comicpalooza tickets:

Patreon – Support the Show!

We have new merchandise coming soon, and to help us defray the cost of the show to bring you all kinds of cool things (plus convention coverage), head on over to and buy us a drink! Even a few dollars will help more than you know!! We have the new merch store coming soon, so keep checking back for that!

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