Captain Marvel

In Episode 120—Captain Marvel, Heather and Liz are sitting down to talk about the most recent release from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Warning: This episode contains SPOILERS for Captain Marvel… like all of them.

Captain Marvel – Movie Review

Again, this review is FULL of spoilers (and our own opinions!), so continue at your own risk.

Man, we love a good Marvel movie AND a female-led movie! What a great blend of the two!! We sat down shortly after the movie was released to talk about this awesome flick and why there’s so much hate aimed at it by the trolls and haters.

We loved Vers and her strength, Sam Jackson and his love for the floofy kitty, and Captain Tight Pants and his… well… tight pants. And Annette Benning’s dick.

We talk through the movie from beginning to end and everything in between.

One thing we did miss (and we don’t know how because it was in our notes!!) talking about was the tribute to and cameo of the late, great Stan Lee. We got teary within the first 2 seconds thanks to that amazing Marvel logo tribute to Stan the Man. Also, his cameo on the train while reading and practicing his lines for a cameo in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats was not only amazing, but opened the door for Stan to actually exist within the MCU AS Stan Lee (and now welcoming Kevin Smith in). As the creator(ish) of Marvel Comics… to be known in your own creation is baffling and amazing. It kind of makes our brains hurt to think about.

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