Batman HUSH: The Movie

Batman HUSH: The Movie

It seems like just yesterday we were SO excited that DC was going to make an animated movie of Hush. Now that we have seen it, we may be a little less excited, but hey Batman is Batman right?!

Join Heather and Liz in episode 141 where we discuss the differences between Hush the comic (with the amazing work of Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb) and Hush the animated movie. Full disclosure, they changed a lot so even if you have read the comic you aren’t entirely spoiled on the movie. But you will have some Spoilers by listening to this podcast, so be prepared!

Also, Catwoman has a potty mouth – another reason why she will always have our heart.

In standard Liz and Heather fashion, we go little off topic in the recommendations portion of our show, discussing hot guys in funny (but stupid) movies… and why we love them.


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