This & That Vol. 2

This ‘N That Vol. 2

In episode 142, we are getting ready to transition to Shark Month for the month of September, but in the meantime, we are going to cover a little of this & that. Basically, we collected news pieces that are not long enough for a full episode, but yet still need to be discussed.

And boy did we explore some INTERESTING topics, including a PUBLISHED author who thinks that women store their drivers license and cash in their vagina. Showing ID at the bar just got super-awkward.

Additional topics include why you don’t want to be on an airplane with Martha Stewart, where you can find Designing Women, and why Liz might be running off with Sean Patrick Flanery. You know, just your typical newsworthy classy shite — notice we used the Irish pronunciation as would be expected of Connor MacManus, played by our new show-boyfriend, Sean Patrick Flanery. (Liz just requests that you NOT send a cat as a wedding present… and if you have seen the movie or listened to our Boondock Saints episode, you will know why!)


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