Episode 12 – Book Club – The Princess Bride by William Goldman


Princess brideThis episode, Liz and Heather are introducing the first Nerdy Bitches Book Club – The Princess Bride by William Goldman. We will talk in depth on the differences in the book and the movie. Please note there WILL be spoilers in this episode… it’s a book club.

This is a tough book to categorize, as it has adventure, romance, and so many other facets. Heather grew up having the book read to her, but this was Liz’s first time to read the book. Liz started watching the movie in high school, so the book was completely new.

The book is very different from the movie in the fact that the book is full of asides where the author is breaking in to the story to describe what he is changing from the “original S. Morgenstern” and also what he is thinking and why. [Example: I have removed 86 pages describing hats.] Other differences:

  • The Zoo of Death (vs. the Pit of Despair from the movie) – 5 levels full of animals that the Prince likes to hunt and kill for fun. It’s a fun component of the book that didn’t make it to the movie, but the movie did just fine without it.
  • The author’s storyline throughout the book obviously didn’t make it to the movie. Spoiler – it’s all total bullshit, which is good as he is a douchebag to his imaginary son in the book.
  • A LOT of additional information on Inigio and Fessik, which we like, but it gets a little tedious. There is a lot of information given in the 30th anniversary edition on actually working with the actors, including Andre the Giant. Definitely worth a read, but could be skimmed pretty quickly in subsequent readings.


We found some of the style a little of a slap in the face with some of the fakey bullshit in the book. We were also annoyed with Buttercup’s Baby – so you can just skip that load of crap. He really screws with you! The movie is definitely the good stuff.

Have fun storming the castle! – Miracle Max

We also go through some of our favorite quotes from the movie, so join in!


Heroes of the story—The Dread Pirate Roberts (Heather) & Fessik (Liz)

Book Club Questions (from the book):

  1. What does this book talk about writing, in general?
  2. Does the story Westley tells about becoming the Dread Pirate Roberts make him the same Farm Boy? Does it make him a more interesting character?

Next Book Club – The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth (4 weeks)


Bitch of the Week – Online parties on Facebook/social media – We used to get invited to one party on one day. Now, we have to deal with this for a freaking month and be constantly harassed by the host. You can’t just order and be done with it. We need wine and snacks, people. WINE AND SNACKS!!


  • Heather: The Flash (TV show)
  • Liz: Psych (TV show) – Netflix (MASH is also on Netflix, so watch that too!)

Random Internet Comment of the Week

A small minority of murderous nuts doesn’t make us all murderers and nuts. – mathematicians and atheists

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