Episode 11 – Harry Potter

This week, the Nerdy Bitches talk all things Harry Potter. We are supermassive fans of the series, both books and movies. Why were they on the banned list at one point?


Liz is currently reading the books to and watching the movies with her 7-year-old niece.


  • Friendship – They aren’t completely torn apart by petty shit. They always come back together and have each others backs. Each character has his or her strengths and weaknesses, and they play off of those well. Harry probably wouldn’t have made it very far without Ron and Hermoinie. Additional friendships come in to play as the series – Luna, Hagrid, Neville, Ginny, etc.
  • Good vs. Evil – This is a very strong theme throughout the whole series. But even within the good and bad, there are factions of good and evil within. Example – The Malfoys. They are terrible people, but mostly because they don’t even have any motivation to do anything but follow what is easy. As we go through the series, we can see that Draco starts changing and isn’t ready to just go in full force.
  • Girls Kick Ass – The main character is Harry, but where would he be without Hermoinie? Hell, he can’t even fix his own glasses without her!
  • Some struggles are worthwhile – You have to go through the bad to get to the good. This series teaches youngsters that they CAN make a difference and stand up for what is right (just because it is right).

Are we the only ones who think that Hogwarts is the most dangerous school on the planet?? Why do people keep sending their children there? For example, why in the world would the Tri-Wizard Tournament even be a thing? Like is it ok to let 14-17 year olds play in some tournament that could kill them?


Where do magical children go to school before age 11? Do they go to Muggle school? Are they home schooled? What gives? What happens to the Squibs? Do you have to go to Muggle school? Are you just out? We need to know these things, J.K.


Favorite Characters

  • Heather’s: Snape! – It didn’t happen immediately, but he’s all Alan Rickman, so how could you not like that? He’s just awesome and hates stuff. The ultimate red herring in the series. We never saw that coming, even when they were showing us his good side all along.
  • Liz’s: So many. All of the characters are so well developed. But top 4 – Hermoinie, Luna, Hagrid, and Neville. They come out of the woodworks to help out and save the day. We love how Luna was always true to who she was – weird and all.

Least Favorite Characters

  • Delores Umbridge – gag!! Pure evil. All she cared about was power. She never cared who she hurt to get there.
  • The Durselys. Just mean people for no real reason. Jealous and hateful to Harry, almost to the end. Uncle Vernon has zero redeeming qualities. We do love that Dudley and Harry get to be friends at the end.

The Dumbledore Twist – What the hell? Everything along the way tells us that Dumbledore is the benevolent figure – until the end, when we find out that he has really been keeping Harry safe until it is the right time for him to die. Backstory on Dumbledore – also power hungry in his younger days, but when bad shit happens, his life changed.

You think you know people, but you don’t always.


And then there’s Hagrid. We LOVE Hagrid. He is the one person from the very beginning to always put himself out there for Harry. He really was a father-figure to Harry. He is sorely overlooked in this capacity. He is consistently good.


Dwayne-Rock-Johnson-Vin-Diesel-Fast-FiveBitch of the Week: Movie theater close-sitters: Hello, I got to the movie on-fucking-time, so no, I am not moving so you can sit together 2/3rds of the way back. Sit up front like the rest of the late assholes. If the theater’s not full, you get to sit on the very edge or the front four rows. If you wanted a good seat, you should have got here on time. Once the lights go down… game over. I’m in my spot – I don’t need to make more of an effort for your late ass.


Out of Context Comment of the Week:

Unless they say Hogwarts on the ass a’la juicy couture, these are a rip off… And even if they do, I dont want the word “warts” that close to my genitals. – JM 


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