Episode 24 – Peter Capaldi as The Doctor

On this episode, Heather and Liz talk about Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. This is the 12th doctor (or is he the 13th, with the edition of the War doctor), and our 4th doctor in the new series.


We compare him to previous doctors, including Matt Smith, who is the Labrador of the Doctor Who series. We are also desperate to see River Song come back (and she will at Christmas!).

Capaldi’s Doctor is the grumpy doctor we had to kind of grow to love. He is so different from the previous doctors, so it took a little time for the fans (and Clara, as his companion) to warm up. He doesn’t ask for permission or approval from the humans – he just gets it done. He has a little glint in his eye that shows he cares, but he isn’t outwardly cuddly.

We also really love Capaldi as an actor. We have seen him in several other things, and he is fantastic. If you want to see him in something adorable, check him out in Paddington as the nosy neighbor.

*Random note – We will be creating a new geek cocktail – Sex on a TARDIS.

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FYI – We are pretty much over Clara and are ready for her run to end. Her character has finally gotten a little better, but since she is leaving, we know something is going to happen. We are also still wondering what the hell happened to the kid that Danny Pink sent back from death. And how they ran across Danny’s descendant in the future. Did Clara get pregnant and we haven’t seen that? Was it that kid that she raised? We just don’t know. Is it lazy writing, or will we get the answer two doctors from now?

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How do you feel about the switch from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi? Matt Smith is like a cute baby animal, where as Capaldi is a grumpy cat barn owl.

We had zero bitches this week, so good happy week for the Bitches.


  • Heather: The Nerdist on Comedy Central at midnight
  • Liz: Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)

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