Episode 25 – Book Club – Dark Disciple: Star Wars

It’s Book Club Day! In this episode, Liz and Heather invite other Nerdy Bitches into the studio to discuss this week’s Book Club – Dark Disciple:Star Wars by Christie Golden. We brought back Kitty (Boozylicious and Cards Against Humanity episodes), along with new guests Cassi (Sarah and Cassi’s Nerdy Adventures

) and Sophie, to discuss their take on this book. Fair warning – this episode is Boozylicious!

Dark Disciple

This is the story of Asajj Ventress. Ventress was a character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, who played the assassin and apprentice of the evil Count Dooku. During the run of the series, Ventress is a thorn in the side of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, but also ends up being betrayed by Count Dooku, and ultimately takes off freelance with some bounty hunters (including a young Boba Fett). Her storyline was never concluded when the show was cancelled, so this book follows what happens after she leaves.

AsajjVentressThis book starts out with the Jedi Council deciding that they needed to send someone to assassinate Count Dooku (much to the dismay of Obi-Wan), so they bring in Quinlan Vos, a rogue, undercover Jedi, to go seek the aid of Ventress. We all have a bit of an issue with the Jedi ordering an assassination, which is completely out of character for the Jedi Order. Vos is sent to seek out Ventress under the guise of being a bounty hunter with her. He thinks he is being pretty sneaky at hiding his use of the Force, but in true Ventress-fashion, she figures him out pretty quickly.

QuinlanHSHere is the picture of Quinlan Vos, though in our minds he is a combination of Shemar Moore, Lenny Cravitz, and the love-child of Obi-Wan and Han Solo. He’s pretty much a badass.

We love how complex Ventress is – she is bad, but she also has the heart of gold, and can kick the ass of any Jedi. She is incredibly clever but still stands back a bit. She has been burned a lot by both the dark and the light and knows better than to trust either side completely. She is a really strong female character in her own right and doesn’t define herself by a dude. She is also willing to kill him when he turns to the dark side rather than have him go through what she has been through, and so that he can die who he was. No one else even notices that he is still dark.

Spoilers – Ventress sacrifices herself to save Vos, and by doing so, she brings him back from the dark side (like Jesus), and she also saves the Jedi Council and brings them back to who they really are.

Consensus – This book is awesome. Go read it.

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