Episode 28 – 1985 Summer Movies Part 1

In this episode, we are covering our favorite 1985 Summer Movies Part 1. It’s been 30 years since all of these movies came out, so we took a note from Operaman on what he would like to hear!

1985 Movies

There were so many movies that came out in 1985, but we narrowed it down to just the summer movies. We picked our top favorites, and this show will be split in two so that we can get all of them in.

Part 1 – Favorites

  • Back to the Future (the first one) – This has become such a classic, and this year there has been so much talk about this since we are now living in the year where he goes forward to in the second movie. This movie was just good fun and we still love it.
  • Goonies – LOVE this movie! Liz’s Goonies shirt still gets a lot of notice, even from younger kids. There is a lot of suspension of disbelief in this movie, but it is still pretty awesome.
  • Weird ScienceĀ – The age old tale of dorky boys unable to get a girlfriend. We can’t talk to girls, we have way high expectations of who we should be dating (hello, Kelly LeBrock), but the men were pretty unattractive.
  • (Breakfast Club did come out in 1985, but not in the summer. But we still love it!)
  • Honorable Mention: National Lampoon’s European Vacation – This wasn’t on our top list, but we still have to mention it. Probably the first PG-13 movie, and we got dragged out when the boobs came out.
  • Teen Wolf – So cheesy and stupid, but we LOVED it. It’s really a bad premise when the guy isn’t popular until he became a werewolf. But he leaves all his nerd friends in the dust, which sucks, but it was still fantastic in it’s level of cheese.
  • Honorable Mention: Mad Max Thunderdome – TINA!!!
  • Explorers – Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix, Jason Presson – Dreams about the pattern which turns out to be a circuit board and then they build it. They build the ship, The Thunder Road, and manage to get out into space to follow the signal. They make contact with aliens, who have been watching Earth TV, and who turn out to be kids. Good movie at the time, but 30 years later, it doesn’t quite hold us.

Check back in next week for the second part of the 1985 Summer Movies!

(Upcoming book club – American Gods by Neil Gaiman)

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