Episode 41 – Classic Movie Club: Boondock Saints

In this episode, Liz and Heather cover Classic Movie Club: Boondock Saints. This was the first time either of us had seen this classic, so sit back and catch up with us. Note: this was our first time using Skype to record a podcast, so let us know how you like the style. Also – SPOILERS (duh).

Boondock Saints CMR

We are only days away from Comicpalooza 2016 in Houston June 17 – 19, so we were excited to get this last episode out before the con. We will be participating in a panel on Friday the 17th (2:30 pm) on Women in Podcasting, so come check that out if you can. We will be giving out giveaways and such!

We normally wouldn’t do two classic movie reviews back to back, but we needed to get this up before we see the brothers in person this weekend! Get your drool rags ready!

Boondock Saints

This is another vigilante movie, which we really love, even though we probably wouldn’t like that in real life. In this story, the McManus brothers (twins – Connor and Murphy) receive a divine epiphany that they need to rid the world of wicked men so that the innocent can flourish. They start out by taking down the heads of the Russian mob in Boston and then, with the help of their idiot friend, Rocco, they move on to clearing out the Italian mob under Papa Joe. Willem Dafoe plays FBI agent Smecker and this guy is ridiculously brilliant and flamboyant.

One of the cool things about this movie is the style where we see first what the police find, and the remainder is played out through Smecker reading the crime scene. At least until he kind of goes insane. He starts to lose his way a bit and sides with the brothers and their mission because they are actually cleaning things up, where the law is also limited. He recognizes that the brothers would never harm an innocent and are just taking out the really bad guys.

Keep listening to hear our take…


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