Episode VI – Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

This is it, nerds! Episode VI – Star Wars vs. Star Trek!!

In this episode, Liz and Heather each take a side as we talk about our favorite space franchises evah! Let’s face it, as Nerdy Bitches, we love them both. But we defy anyone to say that they love them exactly the same. If you say you do, you are either lying or a coward. Pick a side, folks!

We talk about:

  • Sci-Fi versus Fantasy (in SPACE!)
  • Star Trek’s Prime Directive (Science/Logic)
  • The Force (Emotion)
  • Female roles in each franchise
  • Star Wars: Episode VII coming in December 2015!!
  • Fan-base of each franchise
  • Fan reactions to each franchise releasing new movies
  • A quick shout out to Spaceballs!
  • JJ Abrams: Star Trek reboots vs. Star Wars: Episode VII
  • Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking – Go watch it. We will wait.
  • And so much more…

Bitch of the Week – People who put their dogs/children/cars as their avatars or profile pictures on Facebook. People are hiding their real selves out of insecurity or to be giant online douchebags. Just put your pictures on there and get over yourself.

Recommendations (as seen on our Pinterest page):

  • Heather: sheroes.wordpress.com (RSS feed) – Learn about awesome females whom you may never have heard of and what they are doing. (Also check out Mighty Girls on Facebook)
  • Liz: Shadows of the Empire (book) by Steve Perry – a book set between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It’s a great insight into the training of Luke Skywalker, and into the mind of Darth Vader.

Mr. Massingill Award – For outstanding performance in douchebaggery (both online and off!)

  • Our very first winner is: Phil B! Take a listen and see why! Congratulations, Douchebag!

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