Episode 7 – Toy Nostalgia

Popular-80s-Toys-Welcome to the Nerdy Bitches Toy Nostalgia episode! This episode, we are talking toys! Not those toys… kid toys that we loved and those that are making a come back for the newer generations.

We talk about toys and series which have made a comeback:

  • Care Bears
  • My Little Pony
  • Scooby Doo

And others that would NEVER be allowed today that our parents totally bought for us and/or things that would never work with kids:

  • Pogo sticks
  • Pogo balls (basically, all things jumping and breaking your leg)
  • Speak and Spell – These were awesome in the day, but they would never fly with today’s tech-savvy kids
  • Alfie the Robot

Some of our favorites:

  • He-Man/She-Ra (and the gender differences between the series – condescending, much?)
  • Rainbow Brite
  • Barbie (We don’t actually like her, but we talk about that crazy bitch a lot)
  • Dolls
  • Fashion Plates, Lite-Brite, Spirograph, and more!

80s-toys-he-man lite-brite speak and spell

This is the Poochie stamper
This is the Poochie stamper

We have also seen a huge resurgence in old toys popping up on E-Bay for big bucks! We probably could have paid for college with the money off the old toys. But if you really think you will buy new toys in order to sell them later – you’re probably a hoarder. Seek help (read: Beanie Babies crazies).

beanie baby crazy

What did we do before the Internet?? We ordered shit out of the back of catalogs and comic strip books. We used stamps and self-addressed stamped envelopes (SASEs!) to buy Sea Monkeys and shit.

While we are not nostalgic for the less-technological days, we do miss the toys. They were way cooler than the toys that are out today. Lawn darts and blow guns and BB-guns, oh my!

Best Christmas gift ever:

  • Heather: Game Boy
  • Liz: Ballerina doll (Dream Dancer)

Worst Christmas gift ever:

  • Heather: Tin tea sets
  • Liz: Video tape rewinder

Bitch of the Week – Dogs and Fireworks do not go together. Liz’s poor dogs were completely terrorized by fireworks for two solid weeks. No bueno.


  • Heather: Moulin Rouge (Netflix) and Hugo (kid’s film)
  • Liz: Shark Week!! Completely obsessed with Shark Week, and Planet Earth (BBC version), and all things nature shows.

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