Flashback: Intro to Anime

Flashback: Intro to Anime

It’s time for our first ever Flashback! Today, we are looking back to 2016, when we decided that we needed to bring in some experts to school us on topics where we were unfamiliar. This first one is Flashback: Intro to Anime! Way back in Episode 37, we brought in Eileen and Ofelia to tell us all about their love for anime and why we should enjoy it! They also give us and the audience some shows to start with if you are interested in getting into anime… oh and the difference between Anime and Manga.

Check out the original show notes for Intro to Anime from 2016

Comicpalooza 2019

We just got back from Comicpalooza and we are WIPED OUT!! It was an amazing weekend and we loved actually being in the same place for the first time in a year! We recorded several panels, including our live show playing Cards Against Humanity, so look for those episodes coming soon. But in the meantime, check out our social media streams to see a lot of the pictures from the weekend.


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