Shark Month W2 – Deep Blue Sea & Top 5 Fun Shark Facts

Shark Month Week 2 – Deep Blue Sea (1999) and Top 5 Fun Shark Facts

This week we continue Shark Month with a hilarious look at Deep Blue Sea! Liz and Heather talk about the crew of the ill-fated shark research facility, and why it is not a good idea to try and make a shark smarter.

We wonder aloud why warning signs do not concern anyone. The sharks shut off the security cameras, oh well that’s a weird quirk, continue on your job.

We also speculate why everyone is an absolute dick to the big boss that signs all their paychecks the first time they meet him. Don’t worry, I am sure the big fat-cat money bags boss survives the film.

Liz enlightens us with 5 cool shark facts that no one really knows. Why does the number one type of shark to bite actually bite (hint: it’s NOT due to mistaken identity)?

We are also taking this opportunity to not only talk about shark movies and sharks, but our goal is to do a little good in the world and work on shark conservation, as well! We are teaming up with Shark Allies, a non-profit organization that is working to eliminate the horrible practice of shark finning. Nerdy Bitches is raising funds for the organization on our Facebook page, so make sure you check that out. Even a couple of bucks can make a big difference! You can go to to learn more about them and see how you can help! We will be having a special guest on the show this month to tell us more!

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Everything I Learned From Movies
Everything I Learned From Movies
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