Shark Month W3 – The Meg with Stefanie Brendl from Shark Allies & Top 5 Reasons it’s Your Fault If You’Re Bitten By a Shark

Shark Month W3 – The Meg with Stefanie Brendl from Shark Allies & Top 5 Reasons Its Your Fault If You’re Bitten By a Shark

In our third week of Shark Month, we are excited to bring you The Meg with Stefanie Brendl, Executive Director of Shark Allies. In episode 145, we sit down with Stefanie to learn all about her organization, how to protect sharks, and all the reasons it’s you’re fault if a shark bites you! Shark Allies is our charity of the month, and you can find our fundraiser on our Facebook Page. We are looking to help raise funds for this small, grassroots organization focused on changing laws and policies to help ban shark finning in the United States. Please consider donating to this awesome cause!

Photo captured by Elizabeth Blessitt Photography. Do not copy or redistribute without written permission from the owner.

We talk with Stefanie about what’s really on a shark’s menu (HINT: It ISN’T humans!), and we talk about the likelihood of real life Meg and Sharknado situations. We also cover The Meg (2018) with Jason Statham and his glorious chest.

If you want to learn more about Shark Allies and how you can get involved with their cause, you can visit them by clicking the photo below.

Visit for more information


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