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Episode 63 – Beating Winter Blues

In this episode, Liz and Heather discuss beating winter blues, especially in Houston where it isn’t generally cold much in the winter time.

Beating Winter Blues

Beating Winter Blues

Even though we don’t really get snowed in or have super cold days here, we can still get the winter blues. Especially on overcast, cold, and clammy (humid) days. Also, the time change in the winter really messes with your head and biorhythms. It makes you feel tired and grumpy. It does lead to a lot of binge watching and binge eating.

How to Beat the Blahs

  • Embrace it, if you can – Pretend you are choosing to spend the cold day in bed so that you can really enjoy the day.
  • Keep Warm – There are certain things that we want to do in winter, like hot chocolate, soups and stews, giant blankets. You may have to flip on the AC for this activity if you live in Houston.
  • Find the light – Get outside and find the sun, wherever it may be. Watch out for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which comes from a lack of Vitamin D. This can boost your mood and help you keep a little more active.
  • Pokemon Go will overheat your phone and keep your hands warm.
  • Eating healthy – When most of us binge watch and binge eat, you aren’t doing it with healthy foods. Try to get the foods in season and go to town.
  • Lighting (in doors) – Open the blinds and let in some light.
  • Make some kind of plans – You have the chance to catch up on things you have been meaning to do. Forget your resolutions and goals and make a PLAN and work the plan. Try not to isolate yourself. Go out and see people when you can.
  • Know your limitations – Don’t over-commit when you know it won’t be good for you. Do what you can do, plan for the things that take more time than you have. Get a day planner and keep track of what you need to do and make adjustments as you see things crowding up.
  • Find a hobby – Figure out what you like to do and make some time to do it. Puzzles, coloring, etc.
  • One Day at a Time – Just get through the day. Live in the moment. Life is much more manageable if you stay present. Mindfulness.
  • Talk it Through – Lean on your support system. Talk to someone who will listen and not judge or try to solve your problems. Make these relationships a two-way street. Don’t just dump all of your crap on someone and never allow them to do the same. If you can’t find a person to trust – get a journal. NEVER go back and read those journals.

[Beating the Winter Blues]


What the hell is dabbing?

Who gave you the right to change The Running Man [dance]??



Time Travel

Episode 62 – Time Travel

In this episode, Heather and Liz talk time travel in entertainment (but not real science, so don’t tell us we don’t know science – because we already know that).

Time Travel

Time Travel

We are discussing time travel in TV and movies. Since we don’t have Dr. Neil Degrass Tyson on the show (but we would LOVE to), we won’t be talking the actual physics/science behind the potential for time travel, or even things like wormholes. We are sticking to what we can Google and what we can see in entertainment.

Time Travel Theories
  1. Fixed timeline – Single fixed history which is unchangeable. Whatever you go back and try to change will be what created it in the first place. Examples: 12 Monkeys and Donnie Darko.
  2. Dynamic timeline – Very small change in the past has a huge impact on the future (Butterfly effect or chaos theory). Example: Back to the Future. Paradox: Grandfather paradox – If you go back in time and kill your grandfather and thus you should never be born, but the fact that YOU went back in time means that you existed and the grandpa can’t be killed.
  3. Multi-verse – Every change you make creates a new timeline. Example: Doctor Who, The Flash
  4. Trapped in time – Time is paused and they will rejoin the timeline. Example: Jumanji, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me; Planet of the Apes (1968).

Bootstrap Paradox: occurs when an object or piece of information sent back in time becomes trapped within an infinite cause-effect loop in which the item no longer has a discernible point of origin, and is said to be “uncaused” or “self-created”.

Wormhole – Often used as a method for time travel

Time Travel – in TV

  • Doctor Who
  • Quantum Leap
  • Legends of Tomorrow
  • Agents of Shield (ish)
  • Continum

Time Travel – in Movies

  • Back to the Future
  • Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • Groundhog Day*
  • Interstellar
  • Terminator
  • Time Bandits
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  • Butterfly Effect
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • X-Men Days of Future Past
  • Flight of the Navigator
  • 13 Going on 30

Other Segments – Bitch of the Week, Things We Don’t Get, and Out-of-Context Internet Comments

Rogue One

Episode 61 – Rogue One

In this episode, Liz and Heather talk all about Rogue One and the future of the Star Wars saga. There are spoilers in this episode, so make sure you have seen the movie or just take our word for it!

Rogue One

Rogue One

We start out talking about Star Wars canon and the previously-known extended universe (now Legends). Some of the more popular things from the old books are coming back into the true canon, like Admiral Thrawn (first introduced by Timothy Zahn in the Trawn trilogy), who is now appearing in Star Wars: Rebels this season. We also see Saw Guerrera, who originally came around in Clone Wars, and is now in Rogue One, and also in Rebels.

Other characters that show up in Rogue One: Chopper (droid, Rebels), General Syndulla (Hera, Rebels), Dr. Evanza and Ponda Baba (bad dudes from the Cantina scene in Episode IV)

Rogue One passed the Bechtel Test! (Note: There is a new Jyn Erso backstory book coming out soon). As far as women go, we see Jyn and Mon Mothma talking, and not about a man! We would like more backstory on Jyn to tell us why we should care about her, because she is kind of a bitch throughout the whole story (more so in the Rogue One book than the movie).

Villains – Star Wars is amazing at making terrible villains who actually make you uncomfortable. Orsen Krennick, Darth Vader being a badass (and also cracking jokes while force choking someone), Tarkin, etc.

CGI issues – Peter Cushing passed in 1994 and was recreated via CGI over another actor. Tarkin was an essential part of the story, so it was necessary to have him in the story. His importance is much stronger in the book than what they did in the movie, which was respectful. We LOVED the CGI Princess Leia at the end of the movie. It is harder to watch after her passing in late December.

Discussion around other characters. We will be doing a Robot episode in the upcoming months, so we talk only about K-2SO in this episode.

Bitch of the Week

Heather – Birds

Liz – Oversharing of someone else’s photos on Facebook

Book Club – Coming Soon

Our next selection is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Probably just the first books.

We also bring back the Bitch of the Week and Out-of-Context Internet Comments segments, and added a new one: Things We Just Don’t Get.

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Who Wore it Best - Superhero

Episode 48 – Who Wore It Best Superhero Edition

In this episode, Heather and Liz welcome back Carla for a boozylicious Who Wore It Best Superhero Edition of the show! We each made a delicious cocktail and we are going to gab a bit about superhero fashion, among other topics!!

Who Wore it Best - Superhero

Boozylicious Who Wore It Best – Superhero Edition

The Cocktails

Carla created a drink called The Jitters (after the CC Jitters character in The Flash). It consists of coffee liquor and honey-flavored vodka and can be either a shot or sipped. This one was good, and tasted a bit like a buttery nipple shot.

Liz has recycled a drink from before and renamed it (previously The Smuggler’s Delight) and now the Barry Allen. It consists of Dr. Pepper and Torched Cherry Rum. It doesn’t taste like alcohol, so drinkers beware!! It is quite delightful!

Heather’s drink is served hot and contains coffee, half an ounce of kaluha, plus vanilla vodka – this is Black Widow (aka the hot Russian).

Who Wore It Best

1. Batman – Batfleck, Bale, or Keaton?

Batman WWIB

2. Wonder Woman – TV vs Movie


3. Luke Cage – Comics vs. Marvel Netflix episode


4. The Flash – TV vs. Movie


5. Quicksilver – Avengers vs. X-Men


We also took a little time to read some Yelp reviews on Houston-area strip clubs, based on the recommendation of our friend Liz Padjen. They are delightful! If you have a little time on a Wednesday night, check out this little corner of the internet you may not have visited. BTW – all chaps are assless. Also, buying dildos in front of friends and their mothers is weird. Just sayin… Wigs are fun. Party with the gays. These are just general suggestions for life. You’re welcome! And we don’t say “tabacky” in Texas. Boots are hard to wear.

Who Wore It Best Superhero Edition

Make sure you check out Carla’s Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CarlaSueHouston?ref=hdr_shop_menu


Episode 20 – 2015 Movies – Part 1

Most-Anticipated-Movies-of-2015-In Part one of this episode, Liz and Heather talk about 2015 Movies that have already come out and get into the remaining movies for the rest of the year. We ended up going so long that the episode had to be split into two parts – so don’t forget to check back in next week for the second half!

Shout out to Ofelia for some awesome new Nerdy Bitches artwork! We have created a shop for some Nerdy Bitches merchandises, but here are some of the new drawings.


[Literal Nerdy Bitches (L to R: Daphne, Lucy, and Gertrude)]

The list of movies we used came from movieinsider.com, if you would like to follow along. 2015 has been a fantastic movie year and we still have more awesomeness to come!

Heather tends to watch a lot more movies in the theater than Liz, so she has seen more, but here are some of the ones we covered in this episode:


  • Whiplash
  • American Sniper
  • Paddington
  • Jupiter Ascending


  • Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Kingsmen


  • Insurgent (The Divergent series – movie 2)


  • Paul Blart Mall Cop 2
  • Age of Adeline


  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Pitch Perfect 2
  • Mad Max: Fury Road


  • Jurassic World (Chris Pratt is sex on a stick. No apologies.)
  • Ted 2
  • Spy
  • Max


  • Another God Damn Terminator Movie. End Scene.
  • Magic Mike XXL
  • Minions
  • Trainwreck
  • Ant Man
  • Pixels
  • Mission Impossible


  • Fantastic Four Remake. Next.
  • The Man from UNCLE
  • Straight Outta Compton
  • Hit Man
  • American Ultra

Stay tuned for Part 2 – 2015 Movies, coming next week!

Email us at ContactUs@nerdybitches.com with your faves for the year.


Episode 19 – Social Media

In this episode, Liz and Heather discuss how today’s culture of social media has influenced every day communications and culture, and how it has brought about the rise of the nerd/hipster characteristic as a desirable trait.


REMINDER: Our next book club is coming up in a few episodes – Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Read it, or better yet, listen to the audio book narrated by Wil Wheaton.

In the 80s/90s, it was DEFINITELY NOT cool to be thought of as a nerd. Even if you had nerdy tendencies, you kept that shit to yourself. If not, you could count on being viciously mocked (publicly or behind your back) or worse, bullied. The world was a much smaller place, even when we finally got the Internet (Prodigy, AOL, AOL UNLIMITED!!, etc.).


  • The first time I remember hearing about MySpace was on an episode of Nip/Tuck (the Carver).
  • The first time you could actively contact people you knew (or didn’t) without paying for a service like Classmates.com, etc. – This opened up a whole new realm of people to talk to. Maybe someone you haven’t seen since grade school.
  • Cyber-stalking your Ex. Admit it. We’ve all done it and have been sublimely happy to see them suffer.

Then came FACEBOOK.

  • Even MORE people to connect with, and no annoying music from every grunge band on the planet.
  • You could talk to people, or not. Decorate a flair board, or not. Play games, instant message, etc.


  • Twitter was really a game changer for social media. A lot of push back about people talking about themselves, but it opened the lines of communication where they had never been. You could converse directly with a celebrity if you wanted! Yoko Ono and Kelsey Grammar used to follow me on Twitter! Now, I don’t know. I don’t pay attention.
  • I once had a conversation with Johnny Galecki on Twitter (Leonard from Big Bang), until I realized he was dumb and the illusion was shattered.
  • Wil Wheaton’s wife retweeted a picture of my niece with my dog!! What?? This is not something that was supposed to happen!

the-rise-of-the-nerd-1-638THE RISE OF THE NERD

  • When exactly did it become cool to be a geek/nerd? At some point, there was a definite switch. At least for ADULT nerds.
  • Does it work the same way in high school? Are nerds still outcasts? Or are they wearing bowties and everyone thinks its cool? I need to ask a teenager.
  • Instant feedback – No more writing lame poetry into the abyss of a Blogger account. Now, you could see instantly how many people read, liked, or commented, and could adjust accordingly.
  • Are nerds REALLY considered cool, or have we all just reached that don’t-give-a-shit age where we are who we are and fuck you if you don’t like it?
  • Does social media sort out the different kind of nerds or lump them together?
    • Musical theater geeks, band nerds, dorks,
  • Fantasy Football – D&D for jocks… just sayin…
  • How has this changed the fabric of our society? Or are the cool kids and bullies still running the show?
  • Everyone wants to be a nerd – even if they aren’t. I’m talking to you, HIPSTERS!! Take off your stupid Jayne hat, dorky glasses, and ironic bow tie. If you wouldn’t be caught dead in such things as a teenager, why now? Who said it was cool? Was there a memo?



jameson_pickle_backHeather: Pickle backs – This is a whisky shot followed by a shot of pickle juice. They are completely delicious and awesome. We are going to make them for the next Boozylicious episode.  We are also now implementing a rule that ALL book clubs after Ready Player One will include booze. Because booze.


ArmadaLiz: Armada by Ernest Cline – This is the same guy who wrote Ready Player One (a book club episode). I love his references, especially to 80s pop culture icons, music, movies, and games. OH, but like Ready Player One, this one is best listened to as an audiobook, as it is also read by the hilarious Wil Wheaton! Check it out.


Bitch of the Week  – “Share if you agree”  posts on Facebook are driving Heather mad! Just because I don’t want to re-post your stupid post doesn’t mean I want puppies to die. You also cannot ask or buy for likes and shares on Facebook, so be forewarned. Also, don’t undermine our intelligence if our opinions do not align with yours. You will be unfriended and I will think that you are a total fucker.


Announcement: We are now selling t-shirts and merch with awesome designs created for us by the insanely talented Ofelia Williams! Keep an eye out on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages for the latest designs!  Check out our store at www.zazzle.com/nerdybitchespodcast – One word of warning: you have to turn the content filter to OFF to find the good stuff, since apparently we are considered “PG-13”.


Episode 8 – Pinterest

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pinterest! This week, we talk about how amazing and addictive Pinterest can be for the average bear.



We talk about Pinterest followers and basic Pinterest etiquette.

  • Repinning cool shit from other people
  • Creating a wishlist (and buying things for people based on things they have pinned)
  • Remembering to change the text from another pinner so you don’t look like an illiterate dumbshit
Organizational Tips

Organizational Tips





Tater tot casserole (aka Funeral potatoes)

Tater tot casserole (aka Funeral potatoes)






Things that we like to pin:

  • Shit we want.
  • Food. We like to eat.
  • Geeky stuff.
  • Things we would love to do in our home, but never will.
  • Digital hoarding.
  • Fan art, tattoos, etc. that we love, but can’t afford to buy.
  • Recommendations for our podcast (go check our site here).
  • FONTS!
  • Organizational tips

Pinterest can be so fun, but it can also be a massive time-suck. It is a procrastinator’s dream! Imagine a place where people can find a Golden Girls cross-stitch pattern (and buy it), find a new recipe that you just HAVE to try, Harry Potter house scarves, AND people with your same sense of humor? This is your place.

The visual part of Pinterest is so much better than using Bookmarks in your browser. It makes it easier to remember things that you have seen and want to use/try/do. We probably would have never found Etsy without the wonder of Pinterest!! And that, friends, would be a real shame. Also, CROCHETED SHARK SOCKS!!!!

Our Mr. Massingil Award and Bitch of the Week goes to (from Tinder): Josh. Wow.

Tangent – Online dating. Yikes!


  • Liz: Firefly (TV series) and Serenity (Movie) – Available on Netflix
  • Heather: Chuck (TV series) – Available on Netflix

So, sit back with your iPad or laptop and listen to us talk about Pinterest.

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Episode 7 – Toy Nostalgia

Popular-80s-Toys-Welcome to the Nerdy Bitches Toy Nostalgia episode! This episode, we are talking toys! Not those toys… kid toys that we loved and those that are making a come back for the newer generations.

We talk about toys and series which have made a comeback:

  • Care Bears
  • My Little Pony
  • Scooby Doo

And others that would NEVER be allowed today that our parents totally bought for us and/or things that would never work with kids:

  • Pogo sticks
  • Pogo balls (basically, all things jumping and breaking your leg)
  • Speak and Spell – These were awesome in the day, but they would never fly with today’s tech-savvy kids
  • Alfie the Robot

Some of our favorites:

  • He-Man/She-Ra (and the gender differences between the series – condescending, much?)
  • Rainbow Brite
  • Barbie (We don’t actually like her, but we talk about that crazy bitch a lot)
  • Dolls
  • Fashion Plates, Lite-Brite, Spirograph, and more!

80s-toys-he-man lite-brite speak and spell

This is the Poochie stamper

This is the Poochie stamper

We have also seen a huge resurgence in old toys popping up on E-Bay for big bucks! We probably could have paid for college with the money off the old toys. But if you really think you will buy new toys in order to sell them later – you’re probably a hoarder. Seek help (read: Beanie Babies crazies).

beanie baby crazy

What did we do before the Internet?? We ordered shit out of the back of catalogs and comic strip books. We used stamps and self-addressed stamped envelopes (SASEs!) to buy Sea Monkeys and shit.

While we are not nostalgic for the less-technological days, we do miss the toys. They were way cooler than the toys that are out today. Lawn darts and blow guns and BB-guns, oh my!

Best Christmas gift ever:

  • Heather: Game Boy
  • Liz: Ballerina doll (Dream Dancer)

Worst Christmas gift ever:

  • Heather: Tin tea sets
  • Liz: Video tape rewinder

Bitch of the Week – Dogs and Fireworks do not go together. Liz’s poor dogs were completely terrorized by fireworks for two solid weeks. No bueno.


  • Heather: Moulin Rouge (Netflix) and Hugo (kid’s film)
  • Liz: Shark Week!! Completely obsessed with Shark Week, and Planet Earth (BBC version), and all things nature shows.

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Episode VI – Star Wars vs. Star Trek


Star Wars vs. Star Trek

This is it, nerds! Episode VI – Star Wars vs. Star Trek!!

In this episode, Liz and Heather each take a side as we talk about our favorite space franchises evah! Let’s face it, as Nerdy Bitches, we love them both. But we defy anyone to say that they love them exactly the same. If you say you do, you are either lying or a coward. Pick a side, folks!

We talk about:

  • Sci-Fi versus Fantasy (in SPACE!)
  • Star Trek’s Prime Directive (Science/Logic)
  • The Force (Emotion)
  • Female roles in each franchise
  • Star Wars: Episode VII coming in December 2015!!
  • Fan-base of each franchise
  • Fan reactions to each franchise releasing new movies
  • A quick shout out to Spaceballs!
  • JJ Abrams: Star Trek reboots vs. Star Wars: Episode VII
  • Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking – Go watch it. We will wait.
  • And so much more…

Bitch of the Week – People who put their dogs/children/cars as their avatars or profile pictures on Facebook. People are hiding their real selves out of insecurity or to be giant online douchebags. Just put your pictures on there and get over yourself.

Recommendations (as seen on our Pinterest page):

  • Heather: sheroes.wordpress.com (RSS feed) – Learn about awesome females whom you may never have heard of and what they are doing. (Also check out Mighty Girls on Facebook)
  • Liz: Shadows of the Empire (book) by Steve Perry – a book set between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It’s a great insight into the training of Luke Skywalker, and into the mind of Darth Vader.

Mr. Massingill Award – For outstanding performance in douchebaggery (both online and off!)

  • Our very first winner is: Phil B! Take a listen and see why! Congratulations, Douchebag!

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Episode 5 – Books to Movies

Books to Movies

Books to Movies

In Episode 5, the Bitches talk Books to Movies! We discuss our favorite book-to-movie conversions, and in some cases, movie-to-book!

Our biggest pet peeve is when our favorite book is destroyed when converted to the movie. We talk about some of our favorite books that went on to be fantastic movies:


  • Harry Potter (series)
  • Hunger Games (series)
  • Jurassic Park (just the first one)

…and some that were not as successful (Twilight, Beautiful Creatures, Lost World, etc.).  We even talk about a movie that launched a huge series of books – I’m talking to you, Star Wars!!

Here’s how adaptation works – almost everything in the movie is in the book in some form. But it’s as though the deck has been completely reshuffled and some of the cards have been assigned different values; some of the fours have been made into jacks, and some of the jacks have been made into twos. – Walter Kirn

Whether you love the book or love the movie (or both!!), don’t be a hater on what others enjoy. Can’t we nerds all just get along?? There are enough bullies in this world without turning on each other!

Have you ever noticed that a banned book is even MORE interesting than before it was banned?

Grab a bowl of popcorn and listen to us banter about our favorite books and the movies that we either loved or hated.

Bitch of the Week – People who don’t read at all, or who bully/shame people who do. What gives? Read a freaking book and stop bashing others for what they like to read!!

You can’t miss next episode!! It’s finally time for STAR WARS vs. STAR TREK… ooooh!

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