Episode 10 – Rabid Fandom

FandomOn this episode, the Bitches talk about Rabid Fandoms!

Ten Superheros Who Can Never Have Sex (abridged)

  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Hancock
  • Rogue (X-Men)
  • Superman
  • Spiderman
  • The Thing (Fantastic Four)


Fans Who Ruin Things for the Rest of Us: (Click for link to original article)

  • Browncoats who won’t let Firefly go. We get it. It was canceled and that sucks. Guess what? It’s still canceled. It definitely didn’t get a chance to outlive its awesomeness. At least we got Serenity to wrap things up.
  • Game of Thrones book snobs. Heads are going to explode when Martin starts killing off people in the show that didn’t die in the books.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Erotica Enthusiasts. What. The. Fuck? Is this like Furries/Plushies? (Liz explains that Bronies are NOT in this category.)
  • *Insert Gaming Console Here* Elitists – My console is better than YOUR console. Get over yourself.
  • Gamers Who Still Want Gaming to Be a Boy’s Club.

Reference Article: “10 Things I’m Going to Have to Tell My Gamer Daughter” by Houston Press author Jef Rouner [http://blogs.houstonpress.com/artattack/2015/02/10_unfortunate_things_im_going_to_have_to_tell_my_gamer_daughter.php]

Even when you do see female characters a lot of the time they’re going to be indistinguishable from power-ups or trophies. It’s called objectification, and it sucks because it costs female characters big chunks of their humanity. If the woman’s role could be replaced with an inanimate object with little to no change then you’re seeing it, and it should trouble you.

Older male gamers may try to make you feel guilt or pity, claiming that they were picked on and snubbed by girls for their interest in video games in their youths. Empathy is fine, but the past transgressions of girls who for whatever reason (maybe because they were not really invited to the party by the industry?) treated gamers poorly are not your concern. The focus should be on eliminating current and future bullying, not maintaining a toxic space where old wounds can fester in the free air untreated.


Here is a good quote – Don’t raise your kids to be little tiny douchebags.

Other unusual Fandoms?

  • Harry Potter Meet-up Group – We joined this group two years ago. Please stop hating on the Hufflepuffs. Such a weird experience, and yet kind of cool. Long story short – plan appropriately for the size of your audience in your venue. If your ass rubs across our faces, it makes it weird.
  • Role Playing Gaming Meetups – We met some awesome nerds (and a few not-so-awesome nerds)
  • Furries vs. Bronies (NOT the same)
  • Trekkies
  • LARPers (Go watch Knights of Badassdom – Fair warning it is TERRIBLE and a little awesome.)
  • Cosplayers



Cosplayers we like and don’t like.

Like: Cross-gender, Steampunk, awesome costumes

Don’t like: Lazy, Duct tape, Halloween costumes, etc.


Why do people want to associate with the bad guys?

  • Villians?
  • Klingons, Slytherins, etc.
  • Hey, I’m an asshole?

If you were a bully growing up – Send us an e-mail. We are totally interested in hearing if you were into the good guys or the bad guys.


Bitch of the Week: Childhood Ruined!! Here’s the deal – changes or revelations about our favorite things in the past do not ruin your childhood. Because childhood is done. It can’t be changed not. It might change the way you look at things going forward, but nothing is really any different than it was before you learned about it. Get over yourself and quit whining. If you want something that WILL ruin your childhood, go checked out the Scientifically Accurate videos on YouTube (Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Duck Tales… be warned – these videos are NOT safe for work and are completely disturbing on every level). Go watch. We’ll wait.


Out of Context Comment of the Week:

DC, ya done gone fuqed up again!

Recommendations of the Week:

  • Liz: Goodreads (App) – Tracking what you are reading, what you want to read, and challenges for readings in the future. You can also see what your friends are reading and get great suggestions for your next book.
  • Heather: Whiplash (Movie) – Available on DVD and On Demand – Nominated for Best Picture.

REMINDER – Two weeks from today is our first Nerdy Bitches BOOK CLUB!! Our first selection is The Princess Bride by William Goldman. If you haven’t started, get reading, bitches!!

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