Episode 8 – Pinterest

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pinterest! This week, we talk about how amazing and addictive Pinterest can be for the average bear.



We talk about Pinterest followers and basic Pinterest etiquette.

  • Repinning cool shit from other people
  • Creating a wishlist (and buying things for people based on things they have pinned)
  • Remembering to change the text from another pinner so you don’t look like an illiterate dumbshit
Organizational Tips
Organizational Tips




Tater tot casserole (aka Funeral potatoes)
Tater tot casserole (aka Funeral potatoes)





Things that we like to pin:

  • Shit we want.
  • Food. We like to eat.
  • Geeky stuff.
  • Things we would love to do in our home, but never will.
  • Digital hoarding.
  • Fan art, tattoos, etc. that we love, but can’t afford to buy.
  • Recommendations for our podcast (go check our site here).
  • FONTS!
  • Organizational tips

Pinterest can be so fun, but it can also be a massive time-suck. It is a procrastinator’s dream! Imagine a place where people can find a Golden Girls cross-stitch pattern (and buy it), find a new recipe that you just HAVE to try, Harry Potter house scarves, AND people with your same sense of humor? This is your place.

The visual part of Pinterest is so much better than using Bookmarks in your browser. It makes it easier to remember things that you have seen and want to use/try/do. We probably would have never found Etsy without the wonder of Pinterest!! And that, friends, would be a real shame. Also, CROCHETED SHARK SOCKS!!!!

Our Mr. Massingil Award and Bitch of the Week goes to (from Tinder): Josh. Wow.

Tangent – Online dating. Yikes!


  • Liz: Firefly (TV series) and Serenity (Movie) – Available on Netflix
  • Heather: Chuck (TV series) – Available on Netflix

So, sit back with your iPad or laptop and listen to us talk about Pinterest.

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