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Geek Crush

Episode 35 – Geek Crushes

In this episode, Liz and Heather have invited back our friends Jessica and Lanie to talk all about Geek Crushes!

Geek Crush

We get to marry our two favorite topics – geeks and boys! (Or girls… we don’t discriminate!). Heather’s childhood crush was Wil Wheaton, Liz’s was River Phoenix, and Lanie mentioned Leonord Nemoy, and Jessica loves Hugh Jackman. Operaman was helpful enough to help us come up with the world’s longest list of geeky crushes, both male and female. Crushes are not really sexualized, they are really just the people we want to moon over, have coffee with, and who makes us smile.

Some of these people we absolutely love more because of who they are and what they stand for, other than just what they look like.

*Side Note: We will be playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons with a bunch of newbie gals soon, so that would be awesome.

Catherine Tate and David Tennet are freaking awesome, so check this out.

Neil deGrasse Tyson – Liz totally has a geek crush on him, but Heather doesn’t get why.

We are realizing that as we get older, we are much more attracted to someone who is smart and interesting, rather than just the dude with the abs. This really crushes the stereotype that women really like the bad boy over the nice guy. Lanie has done some psychological research on this… the bad boys get the girls BECAUSE they are originally NICE, and then they flip their “douche switch” and the ladies keep chasing the dragon of the nice guy.

Joseph Gordon Levitt – cutest thing ever! We could totally stick him in our pockets and just snuggle him! He also has a really cool new project called that you should completely check out. It is a community site for creative people to work together to create awesome new projects.

Make sure to listen to the whole episode to hear us drool over the whole list.


Episode 34 – Cosplay

In this episode, Liz and Heather branch out to explore the world of Cosplay with our friends, Lanie and Jessica, who love to play dress up and do cosplay at different conventions, etc. Neither Heather not Liz participate in cosplay, so we wanted to start in 2016 exploring other areas of Geekery!

Nerdy Bitches Cosplay designed by Heather

Lanie and Jessica explain to us the reason why they enjoy dressing up in costumes (both have a musical theater background) and what it takes to get into something like this, both financially and time-wise. We talk about their favorite parts of the processes and where they go with this. PS – Apparently, JoAnn’s Fabrics is the place to be, and there should also be a bar there. Remember this idea for a future business empire.

Lanie hates the process of putting things together – it is a means to an end. Jessica loves sewing and putting them together. Both gals love wearing “secret” costumes – things that are a nod to their fandom, without blatantly stating it. Lanie also does “adulting costumes” when she wears work clothes.

Heather and Liz may need to consider this, but will probably need someone with some mad sewing skillz, since I don’t think we have any. Skills, that is.


  • Jessica: Dalek and River Song
  • Lanie: Gaige (Borderlands 2) and Codex (The Guild) and Khalessi (Game of Thrones)

Jessica’s favorites:

Jessica as River Song Jessica as Dalek

Lanie’s favorites:

Lanie as Gaige Lanie as Codex

Liz’s closest attempt at cosplay – Beth Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife)











Heather’s LoveBug with Producer Craig as Indiana Jones:


Follow us in the next episode where Jessica and Lanie join us again for a long talk about our Geek Crushes!! Also, be prepared in a couple of weeks for our next Book Club – Lamb by Christopher Moore.

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ALSO – if you want costume help or to commission a costume, contact Jess at – She will let you know whether or not she can help and what she charges. Don’t be a dick and ask for shit for free, yo! 🙂


Episode 24 – Peter Capaldi as The Doctor

On this episode, Heather and Liz talk about Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. This is the 12th doctor (or is he the 13th, with the edition of the War doctor), and our 4th doctor in the new series.


We compare him to previous doctors, including Matt Smith, who is the Labrador of the Doctor Who series. We are also desperate to see River Song come back (and she will at Christmas!).

Capaldi’s Doctor is the grumpy doctor we had to kind of grow to love. He is so different from the previous doctors, so it took a little time for the fans (and Clara, as his companion) to warm up. He doesn’t ask for permission or approval from the humans – he just gets it done. He has a little glint in his eye that shows he cares, but he isn’t outwardly cuddly.

We also really love Capaldi as an actor. We have seen him in several other things, and he is fantastic. If you want to see him in something adorable, check him out in Paddington as the nosy neighbor.

*Random note – We will be creating a new geek cocktail – Sex on a TARDIS.

Check out our Instagram page to see Liz and Heather rocking their new Nerdy Bitches logo tees from our new Zazzle store. Check out the store at

FYI – We are pretty much over Clara and are ready for her run to end. Her character has finally gotten a little better, but since she is leaving, we know something is going to happen. We are also still wondering what the hell happened to the kid that Danny Pink sent back from death. And how they ran across Danny’s descendant in the future. Did Clara get pregnant and we haven’t seen that? Was it that kid that she raised? We just don’t know. Is it lazy writing, or will we get the answer two doctors from now?

BylPB94IIAAeAek.jpg large

How do you feel about the switch from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi? Matt Smith is like a cute baby animal, where as Capaldi is a grumpy cat barn owl.

We had zero bitches this week, so good happy week for the Bitches.


  • Heather: The Nerdist on Comedy Central at midnight
  • Liz: Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)

UPCOMING BOOK CLUB: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden


Episode 14 – Geek Cocktails

In this episode, Liz and Heather invite some friends into the studio to get Boozylicious with some amazing geek cocktails! This week, our friends Michelle and Kitty join us in celebrating some of our favorite geek movies and series with their favorite geek beverages.


This all started when we saw a YouTube video based on people trying the drinks from the Harry Potter universe, but we decided to expand on that premise. Michelle also schools us on home brewing and the dangers of drinking home beer long after it has been bottled. Heather also explains Craft Beer to those of us who don’t know what they are.

Now, for our cocktails!!

Round One:

  • Liz: Girl on Fire (from The Hunger Games) – 1.5 oz Torched Cherry Rum, 3 oz Mango Juice (OJ/Mango combo), maraschino cherry juice, and one cherry. This has been agreed upon as a breakfast drink. Or a hidden beach drink!
  • Michelle: Two variations on the Old Fashioned – Rum Old Fashioned and a Sazerac Rye. The rum version was enjoyed by all. The rye… let’s just say we were split on the enjoyment.
  • Kitty: Fizzing Whizby – sparkly! Bourbon liquor, fernet branca, tonic. We like the taste and it is pretty!
  • Heather: Sonic Screwdriver (Doctor Who) – blue curacao, vanilla vodka, Sprite. We all agreed that this was really good!! Looks like Windex, but absolutely doesn’t taste like it. (Anthropologist Michelle schools us on a tribe of blue penised men in Africa)

Round Two:

  • Liz: Butterbeer (Harry Potter) – Half root beer, half cream soda, and a shot butterscotch schnapps. Heather also made us a butterbeer cake, which was freaking awesome!
  • Michelle: Homemade Mead: This one was kind of a fail. The orange mead was described as “drinkable.” Liz described it as orange socks.
  • Kitty: Dragon’s Milk – Cinnamon cream rum with Coke. We added some Fireball to give it the perfect kick.
  • Heather: Grootbeer Float (Guardians of the Galaxy) – Rootbeer float with bourbon. Delish!!

Thank you Michelle and Kitty for joining us!! We can’t wait to have you back again!


Liz & Heather


Episode 10 – Rabid Fandom

FandomOn this episode, the Bitches talk about Rabid Fandoms!

Ten Superheros Who Can Never Have Sex (abridged)

  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Hancock
  • Rogue (X-Men)
  • Superman
  • Spiderman
  • The Thing (Fantastic Four)


Fans Who Ruin Things for the Rest of Us: (Click for link to original article)

  • Browncoats who won’t let Firefly go. We get it. It was canceled and that sucks. Guess what? It’s still canceled. It definitely didn’t get a chance to outlive its awesomeness. At least we got Serenity to wrap things up.
  • Game of Thrones book snobs. Heads are going to explode when Martin starts killing off people in the show that didn’t die in the books.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Erotica Enthusiasts. What. The. Fuck? Is this like Furries/Plushies? (Liz explains that Bronies are NOT in this category.)
  • *Insert Gaming Console Here* Elitists – My console is better than YOUR console. Get over yourself.
  • Gamers Who Still Want Gaming to Be a Boy’s Club.

Reference Article: “10 Things I’m Going to Have to Tell My Gamer Daughter” by Houston Press author Jef Rouner []

Even when you do see female characters a lot of the time they’re going to be indistinguishable from power-ups or trophies. It’s called objectification, and it sucks because it costs female characters big chunks of their humanity. If the woman’s role could be replaced with an inanimate object with little to no change then you’re seeing it, and it should trouble you.

Older male gamers may try to make you feel guilt or pity, claiming that they were picked on and snubbed by girls for their interest in video games in their youths. Empathy is fine, but the past transgressions of girls who for whatever reason (maybe because they were not really invited to the party by the industry?) treated gamers poorly are not your concern. The focus should be on eliminating current and future bullying, not maintaining a toxic space where old wounds can fester in the free air untreated.


Here is a good quote – Don’t raise your kids to be little tiny douchebags.

Other unusual Fandoms?

  • Harry Potter Meet-up Group – We joined this group two years ago. Please stop hating on the Hufflepuffs. Such a weird experience, and yet kind of cool. Long story short – plan appropriately for the size of your audience in your venue. If your ass rubs across our faces, it makes it weird.
  • Role Playing Gaming Meetups – We met some awesome nerds (and a few not-so-awesome nerds)
  • Furries vs. Bronies (NOT the same)
  • Trekkies
  • LARPers (Go watch Knights of Badassdom – Fair warning it is TERRIBLE and a little awesome.)
  • Cosplayers



Cosplayers we like and don’t like.

Like: Cross-gender, Steampunk, awesome costumes

Don’t like: Lazy, Duct tape, Halloween costumes, etc.


Why do people want to associate with the bad guys?

  • Villians?
  • Klingons, Slytherins, etc.
  • Hey, I’m an asshole?

If you were a bully growing up – Send us an e-mail. We are totally interested in hearing if you were into the good guys or the bad guys.


Bitch of the Week: Childhood Ruined!! Here’s the deal – changes or revelations about our favorite things in the past do not ruin your childhood. Because childhood is done. It can’t be changed not. It might change the way you look at things going forward, but nothing is really any different than it was before you learned about it. Get over yourself and quit whining. If you want something that WILL ruin your childhood, go checked out the Scientifically Accurate videos on YouTube (Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Duck Tales… be warned – these videos are NOT safe for work and are completely disturbing on every level). Go watch. We’ll wait.


Out of Context Comment of the Week:

DC, ya done gone fuqed up again!

Recommendations of the Week:

  • Liz: Goodreads (App) – Tracking what you are reading, what you want to read, and challenges for readings in the future. You can also see what your friends are reading and get great suggestions for your next book.
  • Heather: Whiplash (Movie) – Available on DVD and On Demand – Nominated for Best Picture.

REMINDER – Two weeks from today is our first Nerdy Bitches BOOK CLUB!! Our first selection is The Princess Bride by William Goldman. If you haven’t started, get reading, bitches!!

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